Trap Quest Release 6 Version 4.8

Okay I finally sorted the DNS rubbish and now we have an actual real address bar! Woo! However this means again all the disqus comments have disappeared as the site now counts as having different URLs.

Anyway, here is a MEGA mirror:!VtQUkCrI!DxxtEgRt__evzI4OtLnpt6yNIKHmLmq66nrsgq_II9M

And here is the changelist:

  • Fixed a bug where undoing would not refresh the character window.
  • Recoded the urination function (trust me, it needed it). Some more flavour in here now.
  • Fixed a bug where the new rare diaper was appearing regardless of fetish options.
  • Fixed a bug where the bat corset didn't count as covering the breast slot.
  • Fixed a bug where the function that dispersed monsters at the top of the stairs to the Woods was instead causing an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a billion bugs with the tentacle monster (this was much more messed up than I realised).
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur was using the default climax functions rather than its own.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur horn was still appearing in crates after the player had fainted.
  • Fixed a minor bug with forbidding masturbation with cursed clothing.
  • Fixed a logical bug with tongue piercing spawning where it would always spawn (even if already spawned) if your mouth was lubed up and you received an oral creampie.
  • The game should now always notify you the first time you become horny.
  • You can now decide whether you receive virgin bonuses, the first time it happens.
    • You are no longer prevented from presenting mouth and asshole due to too high dignity once you have started receiving virgin bonuses.
  • Recoded the entire map generating function from the ground up. Again, trust me, it was well overdue. Hopefully the average case will be much faster (but every now and then it will still be slow).
    • This now allows me to specify some more specific rules about map generation, e.g. no tiles allowed in the space south of the white wall.
    • I would not be surprised if this causes bugs, which may or may not include freezing infinite loops. I apologise for someone whose run is ruined by this.

Hotel Stuff:

  • New content outlined in the previous blog post is now complete.
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