Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.5

Happy Easter everyone! I've been working super hard to try and make sure this release goes out on Easter Sunday and I think I've managed it! However t

Aika Reviews: Tales of Androgyny

Hey all! Over time I'm going to do a few reviews of other games I've played. While it's way more likely I'm going to review the games I've liked to th

Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.4 Hotfix 2

The first hotfix was a bit rushed and a lot was missed. So here's another!

Download Links:

First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend just do

Trap Quest Release 9 Version 5.4

I tried to make the end of the month but there was a lot of misbehaving in the code so I spent a bit longer trying to fix some of the larger issues.