Sites I Like

I like these sites, so you might too.

Collections of games

ULMF - World's largest internet forum dedicated to alternative hentai. The hentai games board has a large community keeping track of the latest indie games. Oh, and I own it.

TFGamesSite - Indie transformation games of varying quality. A cool game called Trap Quest started its life there.

Fenoxo's Site - High quality erotic text games focused on various transformations.


Erotical Night - Great JRPG style game with an interesting sex combat system, first to orgasm loses (using items is very important).

Peach's Untold Tale Flash game that's been in development for a long time and has come so far. A Mario style game where instead of losing lives for hitting enemies, you have to get them off, increasing Peach's sluttiness, and hindering her movement when she gets too cumfilled.

Other Resources

Lewd Gamer - Great news outlet keeping track of the latest commercial adult games from around the world.