Nintendolls Elevator Wench

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Nintendolls Elevator Wench Epilogue


Nintendolls Epilogue - Epilogue


You are bound in place in an elevator, where visitors can use you for oral sex and press buttons to enhance your predicament.


  • This epilogue is modular, pulling six punishments randomly from a list. If the same punishment category is picked multiple times, the punishment is enhanced further. Therefore there will be super rare times when you, for example, get five or six of the same category in a row, and therefore you get something very extreme in that one category that is hardly seen by anyone ever!

The different categories are:

  • Anal dildo
  • Diaper related (only selectable if appropriate fetish is enabled)
  • Toilet (only selectable if appropriate fetish is enabled and diaper fetish is disabled)
  • Sensory Deprivation [& hypno with enough repeat enhancements] (only selectable if toilet is unselectable)
  • Tattoo (only selectable if player had a tattoo in the game)


  • Maximum oral sex addiction (10/10)
  • Not maximum anal sex addiction and not maximum vaginal sex addiction
  • Not maximum humiliation