Release 6 Version 2.8 Changelist

Edit 2: I've had a hectic day and haven't been able to fix the major bugs yet. Sorry guys. Stay tuned and look out for an update in 24 - 48 hours.

Edit: multiple reports of crashes. I recommend not bothering with a serious play through until I can have a look tomorrow.

  • New map graphics! Thanks Danaume for all your hard work.
  • Fixed issue with cow print bikini bra sometimes being nipple exposing
  • Fixed issue with demoness not becoming friendly if you have high enough heels
  • You can now wear trousers with dresses that have skirts
  • Fixed issue where dropping a worn orifice plugging item of clothing would remove it from the inventory but not tell the game that it was no longer inside you.
  • Issue orgasming and the P10 error hadn't been fixed properly; now it has. Grr this error.
  • For donators, the work in progress character window now has anal openness and soreness.

Slime girl NPC is still in progress, I'll make a blog post about how you encounter her and what she does soon.

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