Bug Survey Results

The survey has now had over 200 responses and so I'm taking the results to be a reliable interpretation of the statistics.

About 1 in 8 users has experienced a crash recently. This is too many to ignore and at the same time slightly comforting that most of you aren't having any problems, like me.

2 in 3 of the users experiencing crashes are using Gargoyle and 1 in 3 using Windows Glulxe. This is probably not statistically significant since the sample size of users experiencing a crash is 27.

With regards to certain 4 way tiles not appearing on the map, about 1 in 3 of you are experiencing this and it is evidently not tied to any particular interpreter. Also for some of you it's the dungeon tile, and for some the woods tile, but apparently never both. The fuck.

None of the problems seem to be affected by the donators version either and so it's unlikely to be anything to do with the new character window.

In summary, these bugs are fucking difficult to investigate. Apologies for the delays but these issues are too important to gloss over.

Someone asked if this was going to make me jump ship and move coding platform earlier than planned. The answer for now is still no, I am still under the assumption that the issues are the result of my poor coding and not that i7 is literally incapable of handing Trap Quest. However if more evidence arrives to the contrary, I may be left with no other choice. This would really be a last resort though as I desperately don't want to have the same issue that a few other popular devs are having where the development of new content takes a long hiatus because of the need to recode the game.

Anyway stay sexy everyone and I'll update you all with any progress I manage to make.

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