Patreon Milestone!

Hi all!

I've been working hard on coding but as usual I've underestimated the time it takes to do anything. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have to work on the game over the next few days because of my real work commitments.

Well as we're talking about real work commitments, let's talk about this latest patreon milestone we've just hit. The truth is, after fees & outgoings I'm not yet earning anywhere near what I'm earning with my real job, it's closer to half. Futhermire I still don't have a good picture of how reliable Patreon is and if it suddenly closed down or deleted my account I would quickly be on the streets. Also, Trap Quest isn't the ideal way to build one's professional CV.

I'm not breaking my promise though. It really is my dream to make a living making smut and I really want that to happen. So I am going to do everything I can to make that a reality moving into the future. I will be looking into such things as continuity should Patreon fail, and also it depends a lot on my partner securing a steady income and becoming the main bread winner which looks likely anyway. All I'm saying is I won't be walking in today to hand in my notice or anything as drastic as that!

With regards to time commitment to the project, I'm already putting in most spare waking hours. But I'd say only around half of these are hours coding (the rest is financial admin, communicating with fans / third parties, web development, blog & other public forum writing, and uploading and distributing releases) and even fewer that that is new content, thanks to the plethora of bugs and instances of poor coding there are to fix. So what I can do to improve tangible outputs is streamline some of the above and/or reduce the time I spend on them in order to allow me to spend more time making the porn game you're here for in the first place.

I'd like to conclude this lengthy post by once again trying to communicate just how overwhelmed I am by all your support, both financial and otherwise. I still can't believe how big we're getting. Next stop 20k, amirite?

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