Release 6 Version 3.0 Changelist

Hi guys, this one is a big update, changelist below. Major changes compared to version 2 mean we need a new version number.

Thanks for the kind words and advice regarding how you all feel I should move forward with the game and time commitments. I'm taking it all into account as I make decisions :-)

I've added another pledge reward level, if you want to pledge a high amount of money then I will let you get a selectable name in the game of either gender. There are only 10 slots available but the "cost" of the reward level will slowly go down if there are no takers, so feel free to wait until it starts to go down.

Also, yay, Tories again in the UK, which means more internet censorship and obscenity laws. Here's hoping it doesn't become illegal for me to continue to develop this game.

Release 6 Version 3.0 Changelist:

  • Fixed double speech bug
  • New lighter blank map tile to try and make dungeon doorways slightly more clear
    • Map is bigger to make this even more clear
    • It's still not perfect but I think this improves things. I still found it difficult to make out at first but after a couple of hours of play I was used to it.
  • Room descriptions will now only appear once per game, unless you type "verbose".
  • Vines should now always appear in the woods map when appropriate.
  • Tentacle monster icon in lake should now show up properly.
  • Cursed crotch covering clothing now prevents the fuck skill
  • Removing any item of clothing (not just crotch covering) delays monsters for a turn. It is only humiliating if it is a crotch covering item.
  • Fixed bug with humiliation flavour where the player was always unsure if they were pregnant.
  • With latex prisoner, heels will now be posture training and catsuit will never be.
  • Ripped diapers can now be removed even when incontinent.
  • Fetish and points options are automatically saved and used as default for the next game.
  • The new "quick start" option uses these saved choices.
  • The option "random start" replaces the old "quick start".
  • TG fetish sex change now takes place immediately when your real life penis hits 0, rather than when you next faint.
  • TG fetish no longer forbids you from setting an in-game minimum penis size; if your penis is at this minimum size then your real life penis keeps shrinking to 0 and in this way acts as a timer towards TG.
  • 'Game over' is now caused by fainting 4 times. It is still disabled for now (you can keep playing). Money earnings is still a feature but will only be used for determining end score and epilogue.
  • Prologue has been edited (especially the male version) to make a bit more sense considering how different the game is now from when it was first written.
  • A male at the start of the game will now express a bit more initial disbelief that they're meant for him when examining clothing (until he first wears some).
  • A few more verbs that newbie players commonly attempt to use are understood by the parser and the player is advised on alternatives.
  • All uncursed bras except the metal bra can now be pulled aside to get milked on the bench. Maternity bras are still slightly better, as they can be opened even if cursed.
  • Fixed a bug where wetting yourself in the royal bed sometimes didn't actually empty your bladder.
  • A lot of clothing code, most notably headgear, has been massively recoded in a more sensible fashion but intended to function almost exactly the same (except you will now frequently have outfit pieces spawn at the same time as hair changes). Let me know if any bugs have appeared.
  • Sex addict has been renamed "natural horny submissive" for greater clarity for newbies. It gives 2 less sex addiction than before and gives 1 less point You no longer require an orgasm instantly, but instead it starts after about 7 minutes of in-game time.
  • Masturbation now keeps horniness at bay for almost double as long but the time duration after becoming horny before you can masturbate safely has gone up.
  • The chastity cage/belt no longer makes horniness return faster, this was unbalanced. Also, if blessed, it prevents you becoming horny over time (other game effects can still make you horny). Orgasming for any reason when you have a blessed chastity cage/belt makes it instantly become cursed instead.
  • You can now masturbate 'through' cursed underwear if it is made of a thin fabric (e.g yes for cotton, silk, mesh; no for latex, metal, leather).
  • Fixed a bug where every time the humiliation level of a worn tongue piercing was checked, it triggered an error (the code was trying to check if the player was wearing a latex hood, but it was coded incorrectly).
  • More awesome flavour text from MG:
    • Gladiator text including: when she becomes aggressive to a male player, when she's friendly, watersports scene for male players, oral sex and watersports scenes for the fuck skill.
    • Royal guard watersports scene
    • Witch text including: when she does nothing, when she trips you, when she spawns a corset, when she spawns heels, when she spawns a ballgag, when she spawns anklecuffs, when she blocks your path, when preventing the player from standing up.
    • Wench oral sex scenes for the fuck skill, lots of variation depending on penis size.
    • Wench text when the player kneels.
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