Release 6 Version 3.1b Changelist

EDIT: Hotfix 3.1b actually makes headgear period effects work again. Properly tested it this time! Also if anyone well versed in i7 can tell me why function instances with captial letters have a weird priority above functions without, or if that's not the case then why it seems to be, then I'd love to know!

Some quick fixes!

  • You can now use the fuck skill even if you have orgasmed recently.
  • Fetishes page now shows you only positive points accumulated on this page, rather than including subtractions from saved benefit options.
  • Hair increase function somehow had the actual "increase the hair length by 1 clause" disappear, whoops. This has been fixed.
  • Headgear spawning code had a tiny tiny typo that meant it would never spawn any clothing ever. Derp. This has been fixed.
  • Examining an item of clothing now informs the player in the case that the player would be fine wearing it if it wasn't soaked in bodily fluids.
  • Gave bras the same recoding treatment I gave headgear. Let me know if there are any bra bugs.
  • All cursed bras now have a chance of increasing in size over time, not just maternity and milk production ones.
  • All bras now have a set maximum size which they cannot grow over even when cursed, going over this size causes them to break. e.g. you can never end up with a training bra over C cup.
  • Fixed bug where the elixir of invigoration recipe wasn't actually coded into the craft system.
  • Fixed a bug where the wasp didn't change locations.
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