Release 6 Version 3.3 Changelist

  • Pink dungeon wall borders to make it easier to see where the exits are.
  • Gladiator no longer glitching when you fight when friendly, and repeatedly destroying all the clothing that exists in the game rather than the one you're wearing.
  • Lubricant is now applied to an orifice of your choice, and it makes that orifice a lot more slippery for 5 - 10 minutes.
    • Whilst slippery, the orifice has increased resistance against soreness and openness increases.
    • Toys will slip out much easier.
    • On the turn you apply lube, monsters are delayed.
    • Having a lubed up throat significantly reduces the chance of gagging and puking. It also gives you a 50% chance of successfully deepthroating the shopkeeper.
    • Lubricant dries up much faster when the orifice is used for sex.
  • As one of the main ways of decreasing existing orifice soreness has now gone away, I've tried to balance this by significantly increasing the rate at which orifice soreness decays. It's now once every 3 minutes instead of once every 8 minutes.
  • With watersports, keeping in line with the rest of the changes to humiliation where it is meant to only be caused by the player actively submitting to degrading situations, choosing not to drink pee is no longer humiliating. The other penalties still exist, i.e. hair colour change, and urine soaking your upper half clothing and the floor.
  • The game now tracks whose semen contributed to any body of semen that might eventually make it into your vagina, i.e. all semen in your belly and in vessels. In this way by using the squirt dildo and an open topped vessel, you can capture anal creampies and transfer them to your vagina in order to artificially inseminate yourself, if you desire.
    • I haven't fully tested this code yet and it was pretty extensive so I would be super surprised if there are no bugs right now.
  • Diapers now each have their own individual capacity, humiliation and price, and some even have unique effects (one causes incontinence pretty quickly if cursed, you'll have to find out which yourselves). The highest capacity diapers, when mostly full, will cause real issues when moving when standing, even without heels.
  • There is a new experimental command "long wait" which waits until something meaningful happens. It's very experimental in terms of what it stops waiting for and what it doesn't, so use it at your own risk.
  • The lake monster disappears after a long time.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs caused by me assuming the language parsed logic statements sensibly.
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