Release 6 Version 3.4 Changelist

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to change the download URL, it's fixed now. Also here's a MEGA mirror:!awsASKSQ!5ZEmZ_3W4t_Ih_VI-Z_yLLdUOLfNFK2onfLXJRjPOOQ

I've had lots of free time in the last few weekends, so I've had extra time to change a lot of stuff. This likely won't be true of the next few weekends, just to warn y'all. Expect no more than one update a week.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting "random start" caused the cheat detector algorithm to think you were cheating.
  • Fixed a bug where you could put cursed items into a container to remove them.
  • Cleaning body part coat is improved, now you can specify face, breasts or thighs. Use "clean [part] with [item]".
  • Wench no longer wants to take anything you have that has an in-built plug.
  • Minotaur will no longer interrupt resting on furniture in the cage room, whilst he is caged.
  • Minotaur will no longer return to the "caged" state if in the same location as you when you faint, unless it's the cage room.
  • Monsters will no longer lose the "can get you pregnant" flag when you first faint. Oops. Also fixed the error raised when the game tried to resent the potential parents list.
  • Halved the amount that existing humiliation reduces future humiliation gains, to make deciding whether to take the humiliating option a more difficult decision. And also so that it's less likely that the player is still finding some basic female clothing humiliating when the rest of their mental stats are well on their way to maximum bimbo.
  • To further increase the stakes of bimbo stats (and make them make more sense), sex addiction and semen addiction can both never be lower than 2/3rds of the other, and also can't be lower than 2/3rds of the overall bimbo score (both are rounded down). So once you start to hit proper bimbo levels where nearly all your character's reactions to the game are slutty (11+), your sex and semen addiction will be automatically at 7 - 8, which is going to start making you horny and you won't mind the taste of semen. However your permanent stats are not actually affected, this is counts as a temporary modifier. This means that
    • if you lose some significant temporary bimbo modifiers, these stats will go back down to their permanent values too, rather than being stuck at the higher values, and
    • it may take several increases to the permanent stat before you actually observe it increasing again, with regards to in-game flavour.
  • Nerfed hair colour, each type of hair colour reduces the relevant stat by 1 less than before. E.g. 1 point in blondeness does nothing, 3 points in blondeness (max) gives -2 to intelligence.
  • In this way, bimbo elements should be a bit less about directly reducing your main stats, and more about potential snowballing slutty attitudes.
  • Inflation fetish being disabled now has some changes, since so many people have been complaining about inflation style flavour still being in the game:
    • If inflation fetish is off, the aeromancer will no longer spawn.
    • If inflation fetish is off, dolls are now liquid filled rather than air filled. But the effect is the same, your boobs get bigger.
    • You can now tell if a doll is cum filled or not by examining it.
    • Some dolls are now female, but still have a penis! (There's no new images yet)
  • More MG written content:
    • Doll stuff
    • Wench sex flavour & description
    • Vines sex flavour
    • Fleshed out minotaur description
    • Fleshed out mannequin description
    • Throne illusion sex scene when you are the princess - can occur once per game, significantly increases intelligence but slightly increases semen addiction.
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