Release 6 Version 3.5 Changelist

Once again the majority is fixes, not new content. Sorry y'all, but we're slowly getting the game to a place where it could be considered remotely newbie friendly!

Also here's a link for those who struggle with the other methods:!6hMRAY6C!YJGI_gBDsPhhPrDw_EVIV7ySYSeD27hpleEFkpAhmb0

  • Danaume's Character Window:
    • Ass Size (but not hip width yet)
    • Pussy Gape & Soreness
    • Pubic hair that varies depending on lives left (can be varied and disabled in settings menu)
      • For some reason this defaults to "tidy & below" the first time you load the game, if you have an old preferred settings file. And I have no fucking idea why.
    • All character window base images have been massively reduced in resolution to reduce filesize and rendering lag (from ~4000 pixels high to ~1000 pixels high).
  • New male name option thanks to a donation
  • Hair colour decays a bit more slowly
  • Significantly reduced the chance each turn for your womb to 'consume' semen, and the chance of it consuming semen is a further halved when pregnancy fetish is enabled.
    • This should make it much more likely you'll get pregnant before your womb empties itself.
  • Fixed bug where referencing thighs resulted in the game saying "You can't see any such thing".
  • Fixed bug where the aeromancer did one final attack on you after inflicting you with the sex doll curse, instead of immediately becoming neutral.
  • Insertables can now only fall out when the player is upright, so get on your knees to self-inseminate when gaped.
  • Increased the clarity of the girls saying "You have 2 tries left after this one" to "You have 3 tries left" since it was confusing people.
  • Cleaning should now work properly
    • You should now be able to specify cleaning with finger/fingers, but you won't be allows if your semen addiction is too low.
    • You should now be able to specify nothing, and the game will automatically use fingers if your semen addiction is high enough.
  • Fixed issue with woods map going off the vertical edges of the screen
  • Fixed issue with extreme proportions fetish enabled and weight gain fetish disabled where ass size went up twice as fast as it should, and behaved weirdly upon fainting.
  • Fixed bug with princess throne scene where it didn't prompt you to press enter to continue.
  • Fixed bug where worn accessories would change their material type upon fainting.
  • Fixed bug where every now and then, two containers with the same name would appear in the same room.
  • Reduced the cost of the fishnet dress, leotard, blouse, fetish dress, maternity dress.
  • Reduced humiliation rating of tube top, monokini, cheerleader outfit, maternity dress, pink rubber dress.
  • Fixed bug where a corset worn above a dress could destroy the dress upon bursting.
  • Fixed a bug where items "of confidence" would only dampen humiliation gain if the item was a corset (which is rare, I know.)
  • Fixed a bug where the titles associated with being punished for losing your virginity after getting some bonus stats only occurred if your virgin penalty was -1 but not lower.
  • Fixed a bug where the father of your child could appear whilst somehow still asleep.
  • Added dynamic lines in the descriptions of all items of clothing so that if you examine them whilst worn, they will let you know what stats they are affecting, and to what vague degree of magnitude.
  • Examining clothing also gives you a much clearer idea now if it would be more or less humiliating to be wearing it, compared to being completely nude.
  • Only male players consider items found in chests "too girly".
  • A lot of modular code improvements:
    • Sensible modular mechanics are in place to determine how transparent an item of clothing is.
    • Sensible modular mechanics are in place to determine how short a skirt is.
    • Partially using the above, sensible modular mechanics are now in place to properly determine if the player has their breasts or crotch on display.
    • Overdresses as a whole have received the modular code treatment (this took for fucking ever). This is likely to have caused bugs, so please hunt them down and report them.
    • Headgear has had some more significant changes to the underlying code too, so again there may be bugs here.
  • Black drinks are now grey instead (because the game code can't currently handle a drink colour being the same name as a clothing colour, and now black blouses are coded properly).
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