Aeromancer Fuck Scenes

One of the things that MG has done a brilliant job writing for this next version is the player using the "fuck" skill on the aeromancer (who, remember, is now walled behind the inflation fetish option).

As usual, there are several ways that the player may decide to use the aeromancer. Most of the variation is if you are male. The larger your penis, the more successfully the scene will go.

If you have very high (over 15) intelligence, not only will you one of the several cool scenes, but assuming you don't have significant issues dominating her (e.g. a tiny penis), you'll get to take away and keep her magic wand. The aeromancer herself will disappear permanently.

Attacking with the magic wand adds bonus damage to your slap attacks which scales with intelligence. However there is a way for the aeromancer to appear and get it back off of you, I'll let you find out how yourselves.

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