The slimegirl is a cute little slime monster that lives in the woods waterfall clearing. She can live off of the water there, but she much much prefers to live off semen.

If you decide to wash yourself in her water, don't be surprised if she decides you help you out by licking all of the semen off of you.

You may be surprised, however, by what happens next. If she felt that she had a particularly exquisite banquet, she may try to use you as a... ahem vehicle to acquire more.

If you volunteer (or fail to escape), she will live inside your belly, and when she gets hungry, which is quite an often occurence, she will start to "encourage" you to find some hunky beast to give you a backdoor creampie and keep her fed.

Her "encouragements" come in the form of temporarily affecting your semen addiction to varying degrees, and also she has several other things she can do to permanently mess with your body if she doesn't get her way, such as increasing lactation rate and increasing body parts sizes.

If you take too long to feed her, her encouragements will get more intense, and then eventually weaken, and then eventually she'll die if you don't return her to her original home.

You can communicate telepathically with her while she is inside you. In fact, if you have lactation fetish enabled and a decent amount of milk in her breasts, you might even be able to learn a useful skill from her, assuming she's been fed recently.

The disadvantages of the slimegirl are numerous, as you can see, but lactating bimbos can learn a useful skill, and also it ensures that you'll never faint from being filled with too much semen (so fighting the minotaur, for example, is a bit less risky).

In conclusion, if you do take her for a ride, get used to using the "offer asshole" command!

I currently don't have a picture for her, so if you have any recommendations please email them to [email protected]

I plan to upload a new version within 24 hours.

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