Release 6 Version 4.0b (Hotfix)

Thanks for the speedy bug reports everyone. Here's a quick hotfix that gets rid of the bugs that were easy to find and squash.!ns9zFYyC!OlkowPiYBygbulqbQUy2zvVTY5wQt9XoPWPKHkbP2kY

Some anon mentioned an issue with the character window being broken for them, and their settings menu being messed up. I have no idea what's going on there but if you have that issue too, please do comment with as much information as possible. He said he fixed the issue by deleting his settings file which for most interpreters should be in the same location as the game file.

  • Fixed character window heels always being thigh highs. For those that are interested, this was the same issue as the royal guard flavour issues we've been having, essentially it turns out I can't just call a function for a 'random worn heels' or a 'random dangerous monster' because it decide which function to use (and uses the first of the most specific ones it can find for some reason) before it finds out what the random result is. So I have to set up a variable 'let H be a random worn heels' and THEN call the function on H for it to work properly. There's probably a couple more places this is happening in the source code but I'm not good enough with regular expressions to work out how to find them easily, without you guys just reporting them.
  • Fixed ballet heels printed name issue
  • Fixed minor glitch where wedge heels would 25% of the time be cotton
  • Fixed an issue with the game freezing when the throne trap is trying to fill you up and you have the slimegirl inside you (the final stage of the throne before it lets you go always tries to get you to maximum fill, which is impossible with the slimegirl, causing an infinite loop).
  • You should no longer be able to part with the slimegirl by inserting her into a container.
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