Catgirl Class Outfit

The catgirl class outfit has the theme of a nimble, nude and shameless girl. It consists of a cat ears headband and a pair of cosplay cat claws. The headband spawns instead of the maid headdress if you are crawling around for too long with high enough humilaition that you wouldn't mind being fully naked, and you have your crotch on display. They influence dexterity positively once uncursed.

The claws prevent you from having the manual dexterity to search containers for traps, and reduce the damage of your slaps. However once uncursed, they massively increase the damage of your slaps instead.

Having both those items gives you the passive ability of the catgirl class. When on your knees, you have an extremely high chance of being able to crawl away from unfriendly monsters, as opposed to the usual extremely low chance. However for each item of clothing you are wearing, this chance is reduced, and if you are wearing loads (over eight items) of clothing, it could even end up a worse chance than normal.

The outfit can also spawn two other items. The cat collar has a bell which tinkles as you move, reducing the likelihood that unfriendly monsters will give up chasing you once interested.

The outfit can also spawn the cat tail butt plug. The plug can only spawn if you still have nothing in or covering up your butt. When it spawns, it will be larger than you are comfortable with for each item of clothing you are wearing. Whilst worn, if you for any reason involuntarily fall to your knees when there is an enemy monster in the room, you will immediately try and stand back up (before any more time passes). However it prevents you from wearing any panties, pants or other crotch covering items of clothing.

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