Release 6 Version 4.3

Hey guys! I hope there's no gamebreaking bugs here as I won't be able to address them until Monday.

MEGA Mirror:!C1UwyTJY!lOUdEsOA2fl6riT6E76CsD-ZzpWFDYiJMqDjTC3qPKU

  • The status line compass has now been done away with completely. Instead you have two options, the compact status line for low resolution monitors which is 5 lines deep, or the standard one for high resolution monitors which is 3 lines deep. Thank you to Narse for pointing out that you can have more than 3 lines, I had just assumed this was a limit.
  • EXPERIMENTAL (but likely to stay): Reworked how fainting resets the game.
    • The player no longer loses any inventory and is not transported back to the princess's chambers. Rather they wake up where they fainted.
    • The player still reduces body parts to their "real world" sizes and loses all soreness and liquid fill, but several other things no longer change, including makeup, hair colour, fake hair, fat (chubbiness), sex doll transformation.
    • Monsters should have moved on from your current location and lost interest. They no longer become friendly again just because the world has reset. If they hated you before, they still hate you. I think the worst place to faint currently is the witch's altar after angering her, since she'll be up for round 2 when you wake up.
    • Any non-unique monsters that died respawn. The shopkeeper now remains dead (he used to respawn upon fainting).
    • The world still resets around the player. So you lose all map vision, and your drinks will no longer have the same effect as before.
    • In this way hopefully fainting is less of a bonerkill but still resets enough stats to give players who aren't doing well a meaningful 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance.
  • Changed the status line again.
  • Removed a feature where monsters have a fixed starting location.
  • Removed a feature where you required the top hat as well as the rubber dress for silicone implants to increase in size.
  • Very slightly increased the likelihood of silicone implants increasing in size.
  • Nerfed the difficulty of the ass hook for those with particularly low dexterity. Assuming you have the minimum dex required, the minimum chance you have to escape with each pull is 33%.
  • The game now always tells you when your breasts have gotten bigger, let's see if this annoys people or they like it.
  • Changed the fatigue increase of kicking from a number that scaled with weight to a flat (and very low) number.
  • Halved fatigue gain overall.
  • The amount that wearing heels increases fatigue scales down with heel skill (from 2x at 0 heel skill to 1x i.e. no effect at 10 heel skill)
  • Fixed a bug where sex toys would remain worn but no longer be flagged as penetrating you if you faint.
  • Fixed a bug where the throne & the slimegirl could cause an infinite loop (actually fixed now!)
  • Fixed a bug where some of the clothing that spawns on you at the start of the game had incorrect layering variables.
  • Fixed a bug where examining a certain pair of latex stockings showed the wrong image.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't reapply a scrunchie.
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