Release 6 Version 4.4

This is probably a buggy release but I'm tired and need to go to bed so this is what you get. Things are going to be hectic for the next few days but hopefully this fixes some of the most annoying bugs.

Sounds like Barbara is still glitching a bit, sorry, just ignore her for a few days.

MEGA Mirror:!nolxQLIY!DJ2mnMxWmR4GOKAjMZ_uWQ-VahjPh3cEqdXyIdSkRTw

  • Added the first part of broken humiliation causing automatic actions - when on knees in front of royal guard you will automatically present yourself for use.
  • You no longer create a puddle of urine on the floor when fainting if watersports fetish is off.
  • Fixed a bug where 4 diapers sometimes being allocated to the container item pen instead of 4 pairs of panties
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't understand "nightie" as the nightgown version of the nightie.
  • Fixed a bug where the intelligence of the player would get stuck at 1 instead of decreasing down to 0 when sex addiction was at maximum.
  • Fixed a bug where Barbara would respawn after being defated by the minotaur. (She will instead start appearing again after the next time you faint)
  • Fixed a bug where the player would refuse a cup of semen when a semen addict.
  • Fixed a bug where the periodic effects of piercings was never being checked.
  • Fixed a bug where the latex stockings were each showing the wrong colour when examined.
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