Release 6 Version 4.5

EDIT: known bug: game sometimes thinks male has a vagina

This release is quite a milestone, because I'm done fulfilling legacy donators requests that aren't going to be in the hotel themselves. This means from now onwards, I will be working on the hotel level. What this means for you is that you'll not be seeing much more content except numbers tweaks and bug fixes for two or three months.

Unless you're a top level patreon donator, in which case you'll also get access to early alphas of the new region. These will be extremely buggy and incomplete and the focus will be on testing and bug squishing.

The other thing of note is that today I put in a lot of effort trying to fix some of the dodgy issues with the website. I think I've managed to nail most of them, and the only downside is that for the next 48 hours or so there'll be a nasty IP address in your address bar instead of the URL. However after DNS propogates, this should go away. Oh, and all the disqus comments on previous blog posts have disappeared. Sorry, I can't seem to get disqus to realise they're supposed to be there, since the URL has changed.

Anyway, here is the changelist. There's no massive new content but there's a lot of tweaks here and there and big bug fixes. The thing that I've spent the most time doing is rewriting the monster combat engine which not only will make my life much more straightforward moving into the future, but it should also make it a lot more feasible for fans to one day create their own NPCs for the game.

MEGA Mirror as usual:!K1V3SAAQ!5sppUXc8DxD7PE9xox8rCj_kP2kaooaJLS3Ld9F5wng

  • There's a bit more small penis humiliation (but thanks to MG there's also a lot in the fuck skill scenes)
  • The automatic submission on knees now applies to a few more monsters.
  • Increased the rate that the stomach absorbs liquids since we track more liquids now than we used to.
  • Sex addiction was going up a bit too slowly, so the increase is now doubled if the orgasm occurred during sex.
  • Removed a feature where sometimes a monster would fail to penetrate you due to your big ass cheeks.
  • Removed a feature where the princess' bed could make you lose points in key stats, this was a bit harsh.
  • Added a feature where some attacks hit you in the belly, and this can cause instant ass squirting.
  • Long wait now works properly; it doesn't stop the command just because some part of your body changes size. BUT this means that you might hit long wait and then find that your bra starts to increase your breast size or something, so use with caution.
  • In order to help kneeing find its niche, you can now never fall over when kneeing unless you are unsteady in your heels.
    • Also reduced the odds of falling over when kicking by about 1/3.
  • Increased the egg laying fetish to 4 points worth, since that wasp is pretty good at making people faint from overfilling.
  • There's now a chance of succeeding at the deepthroat with the shopkeeper even if you don't have the skill and don't have a lubed throat, the chance scales with semen addiction.
  • Fighting a sex doll increases the duration of the sex if it wins, rather than decreasing it.
  • You get more turns to successfully please the wench than before when fully beaten up, and less turns than before when fully healthy (to be clear, you still get more turns if you're healthy). Resisting should be a more legitimate option now.
  • If the wench wants your knickers, you can no longer satisfy her by offering your tongue instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the wench would become friendly again if she couldn't push you over. Conversely, she now does become friendly again if she successfully steals clothing from you.
  • The check to see if the mannequin adds the hat and other artificial enhancement fetish related stuff is no longer dependent on stuff like breast size vs bimbo, but is just very likely to happen, if the mannequin decides to punish you via your face and not your asshole.
    • To get the fake nails, all you need is maximum makeup (and the correct fetish).
  • The demoness no longer instantly makes you faint if you have 10 ass soreness and she inserts her heel inside. Instead you have to survive a single soreness check.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the minotaur where it checked ass soreness instead of pussy soreness when the minotaur was using the player's vagina.
  • Minotaur now has less health but deals more damage. So the fight should be similarly challenging but shorter.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting to the shopkeeper made sex last longer rather than shorter.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper and witch were not disappearing upon defeat.
  • The fairy attacks much more randomly now rather than prioritising a couple of things. UNLESS you have pregnancy fetish enabled, in which case she still prioritises penis shrinking / womb filling 50% of the time.
  • With the giant wasp, resisting = less eggs on average but sex takes longer (and obviously more soreness). Submitting = the opposite, lower soreness chances and quick sex, but more eggs. So if you're at risk of overflowing with eggs, resisting is better.
  • Fixed a bug where unintelligent monsters were not waiting a turn after you kneeled voluntarily (or from fatigue).
  • Fixed a bug where the movement hindrance due to large hips and ass was happening at half the hip weight that was intended.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get two extra points by having TG fetish saved as enabled from a game as a male, and then playing as a female.
  • Fixed an infinite loop with the lake monster trying to rip off your underwear.
  • Flavour content from MG (thank you so much MG <3):
    • Tentacle monster description
    • Tentacle monster comment
    • Vine Boss description and comment
    • Sex doll player comment
    • Sex doll penetration
    • Some special double penetration opening lines
    • Minotaur idle
    • Swimming Pool room description
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