Hotel Content Update #1

Spoiler Warning: These updates will have ambiguous titles such as the one above so that fans who want to wait to experience the hotel region blindly can know not to read them. If you don't want spoilers, do not read these posts.

A few rooms in the hotel region will be hotel bedrooms. These will have, as the title suggests, a bed. Each bed will be assigned a unique effect upon the generation of the hotel level. At the moment four different beds will spawn, one in each of the four basic bedrooms. This may increase.

One bed is boring and will give you a nice rest. Another two of the beds will give you nice rests but also have a negative - one is soaked with semen which either covers you or simply increases semen addiction, depending on whether bukkake fetish is enabled. The second can summon the pink choker, if the player is not wearing anything in the neck slot.

The pink choker if left alone doesn't do much except look a little slutty. Uncursing it does nothing, it just can't be taken off by normal means. However there is a pullcord at the back, and pulling it has a chance of the choker falling off, along with a small increase in strength, dexterity, intelligence and both sex and semen addiction.

However, it also has a chance of instead doing one of multiple other things. It can increase addictions or humiliation. It can give the player permanent fetishes. One fetish it can bestow is a short skirts fetish. Getting this once means the player temporarily loses some stats when wearing a skirted item that isn't short. Getting it again expands the penalty to short skirts - only super short skirts will do. Similarly there's a no panties fetish, which gives a penalty whenever the player is wearing underwear (except diapers, if enabled).

To avoid the choker, make sure you are always wearing something in the neck slot when you rest on a hotel bed. Once obtained, you must decide if you want to risk all the penalties that might come with repeated pulls of the cord, or whether you'd just rather leave it there forever.

The fourth hotel bed is a full on trap. Your rest is immediately interrupted by a "modesty barrier" slamming shut at the only doorway, and a "patron" appearing from a hidden door at the other side of the room. The patron is an averagely endowed male who believes you to be a prostitute. You can either fight the patron (he is quite weak) or have sex with him and he'll drop a low value jewel. If you fight and lose, or if he is pissed off with you for another reason (e.g. you refused to swallow) then he won't pay you. Patrons have varying personalities and will treat you differently according to these personalities.

Further attempts to rest in this bed trigger further patrons to appear. However, they can appear in groups, and the more times that you work the room the more chance there is of larger groups. The current maximum is 6 at a time.

To avoid this room being too easy to grind, the difficulty of the patrons will slowly increase every time you kill one. Also just because the patron is weak doesn't mean the player should always expect to have an easy fight first time - remember that you'll usually be using a bed because you're tired and/or hurt!

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