Release 6 Version 4.7

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  • Fixed a stupid bug where the player at high humiliation levels could automatically try and have sex with monsters that didn't exist (were off-stage), rather than the one they were supposed to (The code said "a random monster" rather than "a random monster in the location of the player")
  • Fixed a bug where the wench could steal underwear while the player is standing
  • Fixed a bug where the game thought all monsters were male when the player was male and all monsters were female when not.
  • Fixed a bug where normal bloomers would appear to the player as crotchless bloomers, causing confusion.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur horn could appear in containers.
  • Fixed graphical bug with monster perception where there would be line breaks in silly places when the player was humiliated about their clothing.
  • Fixed several minor bugs with masturbation. It is now possible that masturbation will last several turns. The higher your sex addiction, the lower time on average it will last. For females, most sex toys, when used to masturbate with, reduce the turns taken to climax by 1.
  • FIXED THE FUCKING LATEX STOCKINGS BEING THE WRONG COLOUR (Aika is a dumb slut who takes 4 attempts to fix the simplest fucking glitches)
  • Minor buffs to the player's damage.
  • Slightly buffed the amount of fatigue the player can handle before they topple.
  • Nerfed the impact of inventory weight by a third.
  • The descriptions of bimbo levels and the titles you earn more appropriate. No changes to mechanics, but it will feel like overall bimbo score takes longer to build up.
  • The player will now automatically search containers before opening them for quality of life.
  • Masturbation can now take several turns. At the moment there are boring placeholder phrases for this, but don't worry in a future version these will be a bit more interesting.
  • There is now a quite forgiving dexterity check to avoid being knocked out by a dildo pole trap when on your knees.
  • You can now rest on the bed in the prison guard's room but if a guard sees you there he will become (permanently) unfriendly, and increase in difficulty.
  • Significant balance changes:
    • The pink pill and fainting changes mentioned in a recent blog post.
    • You can now open containers when kneeling. However, you cannot search for traps whilst kneeling.
    • Monsters in general now have less max health. Most significant nerfs were to the guard and gladiator.
  • Several massive contributions from others:
    • Extremely huge contribution from MG: he's helped me rewrite the conversation code to be more powerful. Several things that the player says and the monster replies with should make a lot more sense now. You can now ask several questions to a monster, only the first question within a few minutes has a chance of being the skill learning question. THERE WILL BE BUGS.
    • Large contribution from a currently anonymous individual: Several new items of clothing (underwear) and other bits and bobs, including some flavour for make-up descriptions and some monsters.
    • Nicole: Improved descriptions for maid outfit items
    • Kat: Extensive amounts of shopkeeper flavour for oral sex scenes, and reactions when you kneel in front of him etc.


  • Created the creampie pole trap
  • Created the hotel beds & associated features
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