Hotel Content Update #2

Apparently I need to make it clear since not everyone that reads a blog post follows the entire blog: This content is not available yet, it will be later in the year when the hotel region is complete.

Spoiler Warning: Don't read on if you want to experience the hotel brand new.

This update covers a new trap, namely the camera trap. This trap consists of a camera at ankle level embedded in the wall of the room, angled slightly upwards. The floor of the room is slippery which can cause the player to fall over, and if they do the camera takes an upskirt shot (or just a nice booty shot if the player is not wearing a skirt).

The photo will then appear as a poster or banner somewhere in the game, and if the player encounters it, they will be extremely humiliated the first time they notice it. There are also plans to have monsters notice the posters and tease the player, but I haven't tried coding this yet so it might be a disaster.

The cameras will also take photos of other events that happen to occur in front of them, including masturbation, urination, anal orgasms, and ass expulsion.

Each poster will have a title, these will be different depending on what you're wearing, your mental state and what act the photo took you doing.

I've spent much too much time this week thinking up titles @[email protected]

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