Intelligence Plans & Progress Update

This week has been slow, mostly because I had lots of real life stuff going on. There's no new version, but the changelist for the next version currently looks like this:

  • Caffeinated drinks now increase intelligence if it is below its starting value.

Hotel Stuff:

  • Dominatrix 30% complete

The reason for the drinks change is simple: intelligence is quite different from strength and dexerity at the moment; while they will probably over time slowly increase, your intelligence is very difficult to maintain and nine times out of ten will probably end up quite low. What I want to do is slowly shift this so that it is quite possible to maintain average intelligence and gain the genius levels, but not make it quite as regular an occurrence as strength & dex. So for now, this will happen by slowly implementing small buffs that help you increase intelligence until I feel it is more balanced.

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