Hi guys. I was going to release a decent sized update today but my broadband is dead so I will instead over the next few days post several blog posts about the new content.

I'm expanding edible items for two reasons. One is that a couple of features of the hotel will include edible items, and the other is that the weight gain content is really lacking at the moment.

So, the new system works as follows: whenever you eat anything of substance (I.e. not the pink pill), your stomach will gain 1 unit of food. This counts towards your stomach's hard limit of 10 and soft limit of 8 where you are "too full to drink/eat any more". Food is slowly digested alongside liquids. If weight gain fetish is enabled, just like with water sports & bladder, you will slowly gain fat as it is digested.

As of this moment, the only new edible item you'll encounter is candy. Candy appears in crates, in many forms, and when eaten reduces fatigue by a flat amount. The amount varies with the rarity of the candy. A common use will likely be during a fight where you are "very tired" and about to collapse. However remember when you hit 10 body soreness, you will automatically fall over when your fatigue hits 0% of your strength stat, I.e. always. So you can't keep a fight going forever with infinite chocolate bars!

With weight gain enabled, excessive use of these edibles within a short space of time could have severe ramifications! Also I have plans to make already quite fat players sometimes automatically eat encountered candy.

Food will be ignored as if it doesn't exist for events involving puking up semen. Also as mentioned in the disclaimer, the game will never contain scat. So don't bother asking!

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