Hotel Content Update #3

Spoilers etc.

I'm going to tell you about two new monsters today that will appear in the hotel area.

The first, and more simple one, is the RoboButler. There will be two or three robotic NPCs in this region who make up the main staff body of the hotel.

The RoboButler, whenever he notices you, will glide towards you and ask for a tip. You can either give him a tip (a jewel) or ignore him. If you make him happy with a tip, then he will leave you alone for a while. You will also be able to question him which will get him to tell you if a random unidentified item of clothing you are holding is cursed, uncursed or blessed. However each time you question him in this way significantly decreases the time until he feels he deserves another tip.

If he doesn't get a tip when he wants one, nothing happens immediately. But if in the future you have a near empty stomach and you come across him, he will engage in a "compulsory feeding routine". As you may imagine, this will have worse results for a player with weight gain enabled. It will also involve dragging you through the hotel to a particular room much like the gladiator, which could be catastrophic depending on who you encounter along the way.

The second monster is actually two monsters depending on if you have diapers enabled. If you don't, she is the dominatrix, a short tempered vicious woman who will remind you of the demoness.

Reasons she can decide to be unfriendly are plentiful - if she sees you on your knees, if you have high sex addiction or if you are wearing submissive outfits, e.g. the royal slave.

She will do different things to you depending on if you submit immediately or if you fight back. Submitting makes her either force you to lick her boots with your tongue (humiliation) or get assfucked by her strapon. The strapon fuck has an interesting feature - she will order you not to orgasm during the session. If you obey her instructions (which is nothing you as the player can control) then she will "reward" you by having a bigger strapon when you next meet. Once she has gotten out her biggest dong, she will allow you (read: force you) to cum at the end of the session.

If you fought back (or refused to lick her shoes when demanded) she will decide you need punishment. This will again be randomly selected from two options. The first option is a basic whipping session which has a chance of increasing sex addiction. The second is a spanking session which will include an audience of a patron. Depending on fetishes chosen and current situation, they may give you a big bukkake, fuck your face, or just watch and wank. NB top level donators: I expect this scene to be buggy. Please do mess around and see what bugs you can find.

Both forms of the dominatrix will be fuckable upon defeat in the future, but currently are not. There will be a new skill to learn in the future, but for now they try to teach you the mercy skill.

If you're interested in the diapers side of things, read on. Instead of a dominatrix in her sex dungeon, there will be a loving motherly matron in her adult nursery.

She will only decide that you are in need of her "care" if you attack her or she spots you wearing a diaper. But once she's decided that, it's permanent.

Firstly, if you have a wet diaper, she will change it for you and replace it with a clean one of the same kind. This is humiliating but obviously has its benefits. However if you don't need a change, she will engage in either a "maintenance spanking" or a high chair feeding routine. The spanking routine is mainly a humiliation issue but the feeding routine involves the player being stuffed with mushy food which again could be catastrophic for weight gain players. The scene will end with a forced drink from a sippy cup which has a chance of increasing incontinence.

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