Sword in the Stone

Firstly, to prevent the torrent of questions, I'm planning to get a new version up later this week. This is dependent on me managing to squish all the bigger bugs. Anyway...

There is a new location in the woods where you will find a magical sword lodged in a stone. The sword can only be pulled out by virgin females. When wielded it will slightly improve your slap damage. At the moment the sword is pulled, it is imbued with a magic modifier equal to the 'virgin bonus' of the player. As with other pure items, once you lose your virginity, it will fall to the ground and you will not be able to wear it again.

Once the sword has been pulled, all effects that should influence monsters to go anally instead of vaginally when possible are permanently nullified.

In summary, for a player who is gaining power from their purity, this increases the risk and the reward. You are even more likely to lose your virginity, but even more powerful until you do.

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