Male Virgins, the new Sissy Class, and the new Identify Skill

So the hotel content development slowed down a bit this weekend because I got distracted working on a rework for male virginity, which also led me to quickly create a new class. The ideas were prompted by cuckcandy in the comment sections of this blog, and also an anonymous poster on the Trap Quest subreddit. However the end results are not exactly the same as they recommended, as I have (as usual) considered game balance and the availability of meaningful decision making when designing these new features. Here are the details.

Male virginity is now defined as whether you've had dominant sex, rather than as whether you have recieved anal sex. You lose your male virginity by having dominant sex with an enemy NPC after defeating them in combat. Anything that includes you orgasming counts.

The 'fuck' skill is no longer a learnable skill but just something all players know how to do.

Assuming they're not already a massive slut, a male player will be very ashamed if they lose their anal virginity before their real virginity. Until they lose their real virginity, they will receive certain periodical punishments from the game. Every approximately 14 minutes, the following happens:

  • If possible, the pink bow will appear in their hair.
  • If they already have the pink bow, they will have a random piece of sissy style clothing spawn on them, if possible.
    • These aren't new items of clothing; I've just flagged all the existing items that I feel are appropriate.
  • If they can't wear the pink bow (i.e. they are already wearing headgear), they will lose penis size.
  • If they are at minimum penis size but still have a penis, the chastity cage will spawn.
  • Otherwise they gain sex addiction.

Wearing the pink bow and at least two items identified as "sissy" items gives a male player the "sissy" class. Sissies orgasm very quickly when stimulated anally, don't lose intelligence when they successfully steel themselves against fainting, and automatically know the "beg for mercy" skill.

It should be noted that losing one's virginity is pretty easy, assuming you haven't started bound in latex or bondage. You just have to defeat a female enemy whilst not having cursed underwear or similar. And be happy for that particular NPC to come back, angry and a bit stronger. Therefore being a virgin really is something quite shameful, both for you and your in-game character!

Finally, instead of the fuck skill, the shopkeeper now teaches the identify skill. The identify skill will, quite infrequently, allow the player to automatically identify an item as cursed when they open it in a container. The chance of success increases with intelligence. Since learning a skill from the shopkeeper is relatively easy (there's no criteria for him being friendly except not stealing from him), I wanted the skill to be something passive that didn't have a massive impact on gameplay, so that players who don't know about it or forget to go learn it aren't at a massive disadvantage.

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