Trap Quest Release 6 Version 5.0 - Aika Delivers

Welcome to the Aika Delivers release! I've taken on board some recent suggestions that I felt would improve player experience for a significant number of players and then spent some time trying to make sure it's not too imbalanced. This is the result.

EDIT4: If you have a nice big monitor, you've probably found that the drawn version isn't working for you. I've uploaded a fix, please download the new file on the download page. Also, delete your preference files if the porn version images aren't working for you.

EDIT3: By hitting quick start if you previously played with fake enhancements enabled and inflation disabled, or by overspending points by selecting the new flat chest option when you don't have enough points, you can trigger the cheating detector system. Be warned!

EDIT2: New version is up.

EDIT: The version with Danaume's drawn art is not showing the art. If you wish to play with this then please check back soon.

My new internet connection is currently awful and I'm having a horrible time trying to upload anything, so currently the only download links are the ones on the download page of this blog. I will get mirrors up as soon as possible. If anyone wants to make their own mirror and post it in the comments feel free. There's probably not much point anyway because with an update this big, there's almost undoubtedly going to be some massive bug or two found within a day that I need to hotfix.

  • Flatchested male option: If TG fetish is enabled, for 6 points you can have all breast growth prevented until the transformation happens.
    • Pink smoke (and the gladiator) focuses on shrinking your penis.
    • Other monsters (e.g. sex doll) generally impact hips instead of breasts.
    • Other things that would increase breast size just ignore that part of their effect.
    • Points cost is probably a bit too high right now but I'll address this after some more playtesting.
    • Expect bugs.
  • Diaper and watersports fetish are now fully distinct fetish options.
    • Both fetishes include bladder mechanics.
    • Only watersports fetish causes monsters / traps to pee on you.
    • Only diaper fetish has the diapers and incontinence mechanic.
  • Danaume's character window:
    • Larger sizes of boobs are now in the game. They don't go quite as impossibly ridiculous as the porn images because it just wouldn't work with the tiny frame of the drawn character.
  • Keriax's character window:
    • There is now a second character window, made by Keriax. Keriax is using photoshop to piece together variations of a character, using a drawing done by Sarath as the base (we have been given permission).
    • The window is progressing at a really fast speed, hips are done, breasts are done (but larger sizes are just placeholders at the moment and don't look great), facial expressions & make-up are done, bellies are done, genitals are done,hair is on its way, and there are a few extras such as chastity caged penises, heels, and a few more accessories.
    • The window is available to top level patrons now for previewing. When it is nearly complete, it will be available to all patrons, and when it is essentially fully functional it will, as with everything else, become publicly available. I don't really know what the timeline of that is, but judging by the speed at which Keriax has worked on this so far, it could be only a few months or even less.
    • You can see some preview images to give you and idea of what it's starting to look like here:
  • 'Sword in the Stone' room is now in the game. This was explained in a recent blog post.
    • There is no unique map tile yet, but there will be in the future.
  • New descriptions for woods locations from Nicole, including a couple of extra locations.
  • New food items and mechanics are now in the game.
    • Except for the cursed kneeling stool, resting on furniture no longer automatically adds weight, with weight gain fetish.
  • EXPERIMENTAL: As suggested by Samify, drinks colours no longer randomise again upon fainting. We will see what this does to game balance and player enjoyment.
  • As mentioned in the previous blog post, significant changes to male virginity, including the sissy class.
  • The player now knows how to 'fuck' defeated NPCs right from the start of the game.
  • Instead of the fuck skill, the shopkeeper now teaches the identify skill. Again, discussed in the previous blog post.
  • Male reward for using the fuck skill is now purely sex addiction decrease, rather than also having a penis size increase.
  • Insertable toys now slowly cause soreness again, rather than just preventing soreness decreases. It was too powerful for males to wear a plug to prevent anal sex.
  • Added the name "Brent" to the male name list (patron request).
  • Caffeinated drinks now increase intelligence if it is below its starting value.
  • Doubled the effect that sex addiction has on overall bimbo score. Overall bimbo should therefore rise a bit faster than the previous version.
  • You can now successfully wear corsets when you have slightly curvy bellies.
  • Whenever you drink any amount of (non-semen) liquid, you will always go down to 'not thirsty'. Semen still only reduces your thirst by 1.
  • Virgin warrior class now correctly influences most NPCs to use asshole instead of vagina, as was originally intended.
  • Most clothing items now have a newbie-friendly line at the end of the description which explains what that type of clothing can do. In the future I'll probably add an option that lets you disable these lines.
  • Slightly lowered the threshold of semen the slimegirl has to consume to want to climb aboard.
  • Switched the costs of inflation fetish and fake enhancements to better reflect difficulty changes
  • Made a second attempt at structuring code to determine whether an item of clothing is currently visible, or concealed by other items of clothing.
    • It seems to be working OK, and I have connected the humiliation code up so that the player should never be embarrassed in front of a monster by something that can never be seen.
    • Also the wench can't decide to steal your underwear if she can't see it, and the fairy can't meddle with it.
  • The player is now warned when they attempt to move into a room that they know has an active sprinkle trap inside it.
  • Wiping semen off yourself with clothing owned by the shopkeeper causes him to become aggressive as if you stole it.
  • Massive fucking bug found and destroyed! It was possible if random numbers hit the right things, for the 'random self reflection' code to get stuck in an infinite loop. So this would happen occasionally and cause freezes for no clear reason. But I found it! Woohoo!
  • Another nasty infinite loop bug that could cause the player to just continuously present themselves to an interested friendly monster has been squished.
  • Fixed an issue with the player talking to NPCs where they would often get the gender of the NPC wrong.
  • Fixed a minor bug where trying to exit the dungeon shop by a direction without a door would still cause the shopkeeper to turn violent.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting could (rarely) cause a unique accessory you've crafted to be cursed. These items should never be cursed since they can't be uncursed!
  • Leather items are now properly flagged as waterproof.
  • The largeness of bellies now affects your ability to escape from monsters, rather than just weight. Now corsets actually have a reason to be worn (other than possible enchantments), as originally intended.
  • Trousers can now be worn underneath skirts (this was already allowed, but only if you wore the trousers first. Now you can put either on first).
  • The game now properly prevents you from wearing a hobble-skirted item of clothing at the same time as trousers.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't check for clothing currently covering orifices before summoning orifice plugging items such as the milking harness.
  • Fixed a bug where sex dolls weren't actually getting destroyed when the game said they did from hitting your spike bra.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch had been set to find the player so boring that she immediately lost interest upon being spoken to, and therefore could never be conversed with.
  • Removed some debug lines that had been left in by mistake that said "monster is X" during some conversations.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the aeromancer would not end their attack step after performing the living sex doll curse.

Hotel Stuff:

  • Matron / Dominatrix
  • RoboButler
  • Seats in staff room
  • Feeding area bowls
    • Currently just edible food, does nothing else
  • Laundry room
    • Automated robot arms take off (and clean) all of the clothes they can when you enter this room standing.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs that occurred if you fainted whilst fucking a patron
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