Hotel Content Update #4

There are two new relatively basic traps that can be encountered in the hotel region. As usual I need to remind some people who don't check here much that the hotel is not yet available for public consumption.

The first, and most common of the traps is the hypno TV trap. A TV screen appears from a wall of the room and starts playing a sissy hypno video. Each turn, the player has to succeed an intelligence check (and also not have too high overall bimbo) or they will be unable to look away from the video. Like the sprikle trap, it stays active for several rounds so it is a bad place to get into a fight. There are two variations of this trap, one shows a video with lots of blowjobs which increases semen addiction, and the other shows a video with lots of fucking which increases sex addiction.

The second, and rarer trap is the magic dust trap. These always trigger from containers like the bukkake hose trap and makeup pad trap. Like the makeup pad trap, it chucks something at you, but in this one it is magic dust. If it is not dodged, then it curses an item of clothing that is not currently cursed and not covered up by any other clothing. If there is no such clothing to curse, then it increases make-up level.

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