Hotel Content Update #5

Firstly let me say that a new verison will be up quite soon, hopefully within 24 hours or so.

Anyway, today we will be looking at a new monster, the "Wrestler".

This tall, voluptuous, latex-clad woman is not to be taken lightly, as if she decides she wants to fight, you're going to be wishing you hadn't underestimated her. She is automatically aggressive to the maid, royal slave and latex fetish model. She is also aggressive if you have a bimbo score of 8 or higher, which really is a pretty low number for an NPC to be always unfriendly! As with most NPCs, once unfriendly she will always want to fight when she sees you.

There's nothing unusual about her combat, but since she's a hotel level NPC you'll probably find her more challenging than most others.

If she defeats you, she has several different punishments that she can inflict upon you. If you haven't yet met the dominatrix / matron, then she'll drag you to her room. She's otherwise easy to avoid if you want, since you can see her from the next room, and she doesn't move until she's met you for the first time. Otherwise, she has a few other plans for you.

If watersports fetish is enabled, she will give you the sort of treatment you would expect from this fetish. Exceptions are for the three classes listed above as automatic enemies, who will be dragged to the toilets of the hotel for more prolonged use.

If watersports fetish is disabled, she will insert a number of fingers inside you that are just too large to be comfortable, and then start to stretch you until she gets bored. Every time your hole stretches a bit wider, she'll add another finger. Particularly widened individuals are at risk of being fisted, which can be pretty intense, as you might imagine.

This NPC will be fuckable upon defeat, and currently I've just copied over the code from the wench but in the future she'll have her own lines and possible outcomes. Upon traditional defeat, she currently only drops gems.

Whilst friendly, she can currently teach the deepthroat skill.

And... surprise! We're not done yet! Let's talk about the tattoo machine. This machine exists in a room called the "inspriation room", which is pretty apt. To activate the machine you put an item into a hole in the wall, which causes you to then have a tattoo inked "inspired" by the item you gave away. If the machine can't find an appropriate tattoo, it'll choose one completely at random!

Essentially each tattoo has been coded with a list of items that can "inspire" it. For example, the "wet dream" tattoo, which can be inked on your chest, is inspired by any item of clothing which currently has any semen on it. The cupcake tattoo, which can also appear on your chest, is inspired by any item of food.

There are currently six tattoo slots: Ass, Asshole, Crotch, Chest, Leg and Lower Back (tramp stamp). There will probably be more in the future. You can have one tattoo in each of these slots. Tattoos are permanent, unremovable, and do not have a B/U/C status. They each will have some affect on gameplay. Some will be hinted at in the description of the tattoo, and others will only become clear as their periodic effect takes place. Some are good, lots are bad, some are both. Nearly all tattoos are humiliating to some extent when on display.

By careful selection of items that you put in the hole, you will likely soon learn to make sure you get the tattoos with good powerups. But mistakes can be costly - you might for example put a rope harness in the hole hoping to get an "Overcome" tattoo, which increases strength, but have forgotten that it had become soaked with semen and get the "Wet Dream" tattoo instead.

Currently, the tattoos can be applied by the tattoo machine through any worn clothing. I decided that writing code to check for clothing in the way would take too long and also, would allow the player to influence which tattoo was selected too easily.

But wait, surprise, there's even more!

In one room of the hotel, there is a giant gynacologist's seat that looks like a torture machine, with nearly a hundred different robotic arms with different dildos and spanking implements and the like at the end. It acts much like the throne, with a random outcome selected from multiple possible options.

One common possibility is that the machine attacks a lower orifice with a dildo, appropriately sized to stretch the player without being impossible to fit in. The attack continues until the player's hole is stretched at least one size.

Another possiblity is that it applies a piercing to the player. Currently this is only earrings, but in the near future there will be more. In general piercings are bad, especially when cursed, and some may have minor positive effects with blessed, but overall they should probably be avoided.

Another possibility is that they increase the size of your silicone breast enhancements, obviously assuming you have that fetish enabled.

Another possibility is that one of your main three stats are increased by 1. The most likely is intelligence.

But wait, before you go, let's quickly talk about earrings!

These piercings, like all piercings are completely permanent. Even once uncursed and even blessed, they can't be removed. Whilst cursed, they are large circular discs with something vulgar printed on them. Once uncursed, they transform into small but still extremely inappropriate penis shaped items of jewellery. When blessed, they transform again in to classic large hoops. Cursed earrings give +2 to overall bimbo score (this is a lot), uncursed give +1, and blessed still give +1 to bimbo score but also give +1 to intelligence.

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