Release 6 Version 5.2

As always, I must remind you all that the hotel stuff and Keriax's art is not yet available to the public. It will be eventually, when enough is complete! Also I apologise for the lack of mirrors; my internet at the moment is painfully slow and makes uploading via web page very challenging. I'm having an upgrade installed in a few weeks so hopefully that will see the end of it.

I have been made aware of a bug with price calculation, where due to the crappy algorithm you will sometimes be forced to pay with more jewellery than you need to, if you are holding it. I will need to have a chat with my computer science friends about how to actually code a sensible algorithm that can deal with a large number of jewellery of different values, and always make sure it chooses the most sensible combination for a given price.

Anyway here is the changelist.

  • Messed around with stats in the status bar to make more sense. "Sore" now refers to orifice soreness, and "weakened" refers to body soreness.
  • Female NPCs, e.g. the demoness and mannequin, can no longer take your virginity. Currently this includes the aeromancer, but I guess that is up for debate?
  • Needle traps are now blocked by appropriate pieces of clothing depending on whether they go for your breasts, side or butt.
    • Breast needles will aim for a segment of the breast, and so the more cleavage you have showing the less likely your clothes are to block it.
    • Side needles will get blocked by any belly covering item of clothing.
    • Butt needles have a chance of being blocked by skirts if the player is standing (33% for super short, 67% for short, 100% for others) and have a chance of being blocked by crotch covering clothing too (higher chance with higher armour rating).
  • Added in male name Patrick (Patron reward).
  • Doubled sword of purity damage bonus.
  • Stockings with a magic modifier or curse or blessing now impact on the strength of your knee attacks.
  • Arousal was getting a bit silly at the highest sex addiction ranks, especially if the player was mentally broken and humiliation aroused them as well, since they were getting humiliated by every turn that they automatically submitted to a monster. This often led to the player orgasming shamefully every single turn that they were being fucked. It now takes slightly longer for the player to become horny again at all sex addiction ranks, and the amount of arousal gained by humiliation once broken has been halved.
  • The lake now remembers how much semen has been cleaned in it, and this number slowly decays over time. The lake monster has a higher chance of appearing as the semen count increases. Once the lake monster has appeared, it disappears if the number goes back down to 0 (this takes a long time). There is a minimum amount of semen it takes before the tentacle monster even has a chance of appearing (20 units). In reality the monster is usually going to appear somewhere between 30 and 35 units but it could be sooner or later.
    ** The chance of evasion remains the same, based on dexterity, and is still massively improved by wearing swimwear (effect +10 dexterity for this check).
  • Danaume's Character Window - Hair of every length (only black colour so far).
  • MG's flavour text - way more content for the gladiator fuck scenes.
  • Keriax's Character Window:
    • Improved breast images - cleaned up smaller sizes and remade bigger ones.
    • Some corsets
    • Ballet heels
    • Pink choker and cat bell
  • I've made some attempted code optimisations since the interpreter seemed to be struggling and there was a decent amount of input lag rearing its ugly head again. Your strength, dexterity, intelligence and bimbo are now only calculated once per turn as opposed to every single time they are looked at (essentially I'm pretty sure they were looking at every single object in the game universe to see if it affected the stat, rather than just worn ones which is what I tried to specify, which was taking forever). This in some relatively rare instances might have some minor game impact where your clothing bonuses / penalties don't actually impact your stats until the end of the turn on which they are worn / appear, but realistically I don't think there will be anything the player notices.
  • Tanks now show the type of potion in their name if known, just like cans and vessels.
  • Fixed an issue where errors would be produced once the maximum number of giant wasps were in the game.
  • Fixed an issue with bikini bras spawning on the player, which was causing an error.
  • Removed some of the worse variations of the word vagina
  • Fixed an issue with natural horny submissive where the player would get horny turn 1.
  • Fixed a major bug where NPCs weren't actually getting stronger after you choose to fuck them rather than kill them.
  • Fixed a bug where intelligence influencing clothing wasn't actually impacting on the player's intelligence value. Oops!
  • Fixed a couple of issues with crafting where specific fetishes made it impossible to craft an item.
  • Fixed some errors with monsters dragging the player.
    • Also fixed a bug where the map wouldn't update properly when the player is dragged into a previously unvisited room.
  • Fixed a bug where the caged minotaur, friendly witch, friendly shopkeeper etc. would respawn in a different location if you fainted in the same room as them.
  • Fixed a bug with the gladiator introduced with the flatchested trap update, where the gladiator could no longer successfully apply a nipple chain if the flat trap stuff was not enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the minotaur horn to infrequently turn up in a container.
  • Fixed a bug where presenting an orifice to two or more monsters simultaneously could result in more than one of them penetrating that orifice.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper would always get angry when the gladiator dragged you out of the shop, even if you weren't holding anything for sale.
  • Fixed a bug where the intended periodic effect of the tongue piercing wasn't triggering.

Hotel Stuff

  • New monster ("wrestler")
  • New room (toilets)
  • Inspiration machine is working, tattoo varieties will increase over time.
  • Modification machine (room 101) is working, piercing varieties will increase over time.
  • No panties fetish now allows the player to wear crotchless and ripped underwear without penalty.
  • Fixed an error occurring with upskirt posters.
  • Fixed a bug with dominatrix when the player is the living sex doll.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the hypno traps wasn't doing anything. I'm still working on additional flavour for these.
  • MG's flavour text - Enhancements to the matron and wrestler conversations.
  • Intelligent monsters now have a chance of pulling on the pullstring collar. Each monster will only ever do this once. These pulls can only increase semen addiction and sex addiction.
  • Fixed a bug where the pullstring collar could just be removed after being uncursed.
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