Hotel Content Update #6

Today we have two relatively simple NPCs that continue on the robot operated hotel theme. The three robots together probably add up to the complexity of one standard NPC, or maybe a bit more.

Anyway firstly we have the weakest, most common NPC in the hotel, the RoboBellboy. This dude seeks to clothe players who are not wearing either a breast covering or crotch covering item of clothing. However his choice in free attire is somewhat unfortunate - he seems to only stock clothing that is either see through or otherwise useless - crotchess, microskirts, and so on. And of course it's all cursed.

If you're clothed, he'll only become unfriendly if you're the maid or have a high bimbo score. He will drag you to a bedroom and force you to service (or fight) one or more patrons.

The Robochef patrols between the kitchen and the feeding bowls. He becomes unfriendly if he can see your asshole, which he detects as a perfect place to brew his special sauce. Upon the climax of his robot penis, you will receive an enema of a mixture of whatever bodily fluids you have enabled.

He will also become unfriendly if you attempt to use the knife in the kitchen and he sees you.

The knife in the kitchen is chained to the counter so you can't take it with you or use it to fight. But you can use it in that room to cut off cursed clothing. However there are several types of material it is unable to cut, such as latex and leather.

Finally, in the gymnasium, there is a cross trainer. This exercise machine can be periodically used by the player - it causes you to exercise until your fatigue maxes out, and significantly increases your exercise bar.

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