Release 6 Version 5.3

Hi guys

As usual I will start with a reminder that the Hotel is still not available for public consumption. Also not yet for publbic consumption is the Keriax character window although I imagine we may soon be at the point where the $5 patrons will get a chance to play around with it. Anyway for now if you're interested in some preview shots of the Hotel and Keriax's window, check out this imgur album:

The changelist is as follows. May I bring your attention to the combat changes which are quite significant. I would appreciate feedback once you've played around with it a bit, both in terms of the balance of this particular patch, and the overall feel.

  • Danaume Characater Window: Hair now has 11 lengths in several colours - black, brown, red, blonde, purple, pink.
  • I realised that Danaume's original drawing for the tentacle monster (not the lake monster, the one you give birth to) never made it in, whoops. It's now in. Two variants for the larger sizes are planned.
  • New item 'mystical amulet' can be obtained from the minotaur's cage once it is opened. It boosts all stats by 1 and reducdes overall bimbo score by 1. Do you allow that beast out early in order to get that buff?
  • The game no longer prevents horny players from offering oral sex if they are trying to preserve anal / vaginal virginity or are already very sore.
  • The player is now always notified when they notice their diaper has been used (it used to be that this required an intelligence check).
  • Sex dolls and robots no longer can take your virginity.
  • Virility potions will now always increase penis size on males, up from 60% of the time.
  • Minor skills rework:
    • Instead of needing to pass two intelligence checks in a row to learn a skill, you now only need to pass one, in order to ask the right question. After that, whether you learn it or not is based not on a random outcome but a flat yes/no check. If you fail, the flavour text should give you a good idea about why you failed to learn the skill.
    • Also, low intelligence players should now find it slightly less crazily difficult to ask the right question. The minimum chance is 20%. Remember only the first question you ask an NPC within several minutes has a chance of being the skill learning question.
  • Minor soreness rework:
    • You can only faint from soreness when being fucked by something living (this includes all monsters, lake monster, so on).
      • So you can never faint from laying eggs, giving birth, dildo traps, and so on.
    • At maximum soreness, your intelligence is capped at 2, i.e. airheaded.
    • Lube will partially heal your orifice at the moment of application, as well as its existing affect of reducing the chances of further soreness increases.
  • Significant attacking rework:
    • Slightly reduced the amount that strength impacts on attack damage and gave all attacks the same strength scaling (heels used to be higher).
    • Gave all attacks small flat damage bonuses (slap: 4, knee: 3, kick: 2)
      • Yes, that's right, slaps now have the highest base damage. But remember that they are reduced by 1 for each 6 size increases of boobs.
      • Kicks have the lowest, because heels can easily give the biggest overall damage bonuses in the game, and are the only attack that can crit.
      • This doesn't literally add flat damage, it increases the size of your dice. If your kick is rolling 2d4 for damage (average 5), your slap is rolling 2d6 (average 7).
    • This should allow the opportunity for no-heel runs for those that would like to try it.
    • Combat might be too easy on this patch, let me know how you find it.
    • You can currently type "attack [monster]" to get an estimate of your average damage (before the monster's damage reduction).
  • Watersports fetish players may now automatically drink urine if humiliation is high enough.
  • Fixed a major bug with covered items - the game was determining that covered items were uncovered and vice-versa.
  • Fixed a bug where skirts weren't covering up underwear as intended.
  • Fixed two bugs where skirts and chastity cages were covering up themselves!
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't show up as "cursed" in your inventory if they appeared on you magically.
  • Fixed the shopkeeper's small chance of demanding an inefficient / incorrect payment, with a nifty recursive algorithm by Loril.
  • Fixed a bug where male hair started at length 2 rather than length 1.
  • Fixed a bug where the semen washed off clothes into the lake wasn't being tracked properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the psychic wench could want underwear of yours that she couldn't even see!
  • Recoded a couple of egg laying flavour lines for the throne and vines that were accidentally leaking into the game even when egg laying fetish was disabled.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the lake monster's tentacle "pointing at your ass" wasn't actually ejaculating any semen as the game claimed.

Top level Patrons Stuff

  • Keriax Chracter Window:
    • Two different semen layers for all breast, belly and hip sizes, and four semen layers of different intensity for face. Some breasts improved in quality.
    • Traps layer - dildo poles and asshooks, tripwires and pink smoke appear around the player when appropriate, and more.
    • Some more headgear
  • More piercings - clit piercing, clit lead, lip piercing and nose piercing.
  • Two more robot NPCs - RoboChef and RoboBellboy.
  • The wrestler now teaches "squat", which lets the player empty their belly of liquid and eggs on demand.
  • Hypno traps have more flavour.
  • Cross trainer in the gym is now visible.
  • Fixed a bug where questioning the matron gave the default responses rather than her specific ones.
  • The matron now also becomes unfriendly if you are fully incontinent, even if you aren't currently wearing a diaper.
  • The matron now also becomes unfriendly if you were brought to her feet by the wrestler, even if you're not sluttified yet.
  • Three more hotel bedrooms - and now multiples of each of the different types of bad-effect hotel beds can appear.
    • So just because you encountered one of a specific type doesn't mean that others are definitely safe.
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