Another Patreon Goal Reached

Hi all,

Wow! As some of you noticed, I recently reached the $4k milestone. This is a pretty huge moment for me, I know I'm repeating earlier blog posts here but I really never dreamed that this project would get so huge or get so much support from around the world.

Anyway, the most recent target was titled "Main Job" and I want to explain a bit more about what I meant by this. For a while I suggested that at this point I would literally leave my day job behind but reworded that a little while back because with a long term rent agreement and car loan in place it wouldn't be very responsible of me to leave my only guaranteed income behind without a very very good reason.

The fact is, I already spend close to a full time job's worth of hours working on Trap Quest or maintaining the website, or responding to fan communication. And as long as I can manage doing both these things, I'm not going to suddenly stand up and leave my day job, which has a lot more realistic chances of allowing me to be a well paid individual with a stable career when I'm 40 or even 50 years old. Risks of having TQ as my only job currently include but are not limited to:

  • Patreon shutting down or otherwise becoming vastly restricted (e.g. the US forbids most payment processors from working with it)
  • Patreon deciding that TQ / adult stuff in general is not allowed
  • The UK (where I live) deciding that TQ / Patreon is illegal in some way
  • Any other unforseen legal issue

But, the goal isn't meaningless. I really do now consider TQ my main job, and at least for the time being, if circumstances change and I am forced to choose between the two, I would throw caution to the wind choose to stay with TQ and you guys (assuming there's not a very good reason why that can't happen). I really do treasure each and every one of my fans and this opportunity I've been given to do something really unique with this stage of my life, and will do everything within my power to prevent TQ from ever going away.

And don't you dare think that TQ is the only cool thing I could ever come up with! Whilst I don't see the project ending for at least another couple of years, I already have huge ideas for further games again focused on interesting, replayable gameplay where sex is a major part of the game as opposed to just a punishment or a reward. If and when we get to that point, I have already planned for my next game to be browser based and multiplayer. By that point I am hoping that my Patreon earnings would allow me to properly hire an artist and another programmer.

Anyway, less about the future, more about the present! Where are we at today? The Hotel level is speedily reaching a point we can call version 1.0, and release to the public. We have two amazing character windows continually under development, and a whole collection of contributors who periodically add extra flavor to the game. We have fan art, fan fics, a website and a wiki. How amazing is that! For those that don't know, TQ was originally just my first exploration into Inform, a practice run posted on TGFS so that I could get feedback and coding help before I tried to make a proper game. But people loved it, and I couldn't just stop when there was so much potential! And I 'm so glad that I didn't.

So to conclude, you win, guys and gals (and everyone in between). You've chosen me for this task and demanded that I keep going. So here I am, committed to your service for as long as the dream lasts. I wish I had some kind of magic device that could let me know whenever I walk past any of my anonymous donators, or really just anyone who's ever played the game got in contact and given me encouragement, so that I could give them a sloppy blowjob massive hug. Because you guys really do mean the world to me. Through the power of the internet you really have made one slut and their stupid sex game really, really happy.

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