Release 7 Version 1.0

Christmas Gif
Christmas Gif

Merry Christmas from Aika and all the other contributors working on Trap Quest! Thank you to Keriax for throwing together this thing above which shows off some more of the features that either already exist or shall shortly be arriving into the game. No, not animated in the game, you silly ditz, just the individual elements as still objects.

So, yes, it's here, I'm making the Hotel region public. It is not perfect, it is not fully complete (for example Barbara has no Hotel functionality yet), and it is not bug free, but it's now available for you to play through and comment upon.

Furthermore, Keriax's window is now available to $5 patrons, as it has progressed lots and is ready for more extensive testing.

But wait, what is left for $20 patrons, you ask? Well, the next thing I am going to be spending most of my time working on is epilogues, and the top level patrons will have early access to these. There is already a barebones structure in place, with a couple of different endings possible, and if you have enough prize money, a menu with several options to allow you to reverse the changes. There will be lots more very shortly! Also, some of the less refined features of Keriax's window are still restricted to by dedicated debuggers, for example the new alternate breasts for air inflated / silicone filled players. Finally, of course, you have to be a top level patron to get access to the more game breaking debug commands that let you resize the player and throw jizz all over them whenever you want.

I'm anticipating that everyone downloading this release might be a little taxing on the poor server, so if that's the case here's a reminder that the drawn version can also be downloaded from my Patreon and via Kimochi, and the porn version has a MEGA mirror here:
MEGA Link (94.7MB)

So, without further ado, the changelist:

  • A very serious and not at all silly santa hat (will be removed next version)
  • Reduced slap damage by 1, and slaps no longer increase your exercise meter.
    • For now, this means that knee is objectively better than slap since it increases exercise, unless you have a damage modifying item or there's a trip hazard (e.g. heels, wet floor)
  • I have made another decrease to the amount that combat damage scales with strength.
  • Candy now heals body soreness as well as restoring some fatigue. Chocolate bar > fudge > toffee in terms of impact.
  • Added James to the male names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Examining your belly will give you an idea of its contents.
  • Removed the rule that forced the player to be standing to wear most clothing, this was just annoying as opposed to interesting.
  • Significantly reduced the chances of vines to grab the player. It's still a larger change when kneeling, and it's still just as hard to escape once grabbed.
  • Fixed a massive bug where weight loss drinks were not reducing fat when weight gain fetish was enabled.
  • Weight gain fetish: specific actions now help reduce weight on specific things.
    • Standard "exercise" (moving around, kneeing and kicking without ever resting on furniture) affects belly and thighs only.
    • Slapping affects arms only. This rubberbands; the more fat your arms are, the less slaps on average it will take to reduce the fat by 1.
    • With weight gain fetish enabled, picking up items whilst standing adds to fatigue and adds to your ass's exercise meter.
    • Resisting against sex also adds to your ass's exercise meter.
  • Diaper fetish changes:
    • Characters with diaper fetish enabled will have an extreme aversion to urine on their clothes (except diapers obviously) and in the room.
    • While wearing clothes with any urine on them, or in a room with urine on the floor, they will count as "grossed out" and have their dexterity limited to 4 (stiff).
    • They will refuse to rest on furniture in any room (except the royal chambers) with urine on the floor.
    • In this way, any room you urinate on the floor becomes almost a no-go zone, and wearing non-diaper underwear becomes extremely risky since if it's cursed you're not going to be able to remove it to pee.
    • This aversion to urine disappears at 14 bimbo or at max humiliation.
    • If watersports fetish is also active you're gonna have a really bad time. To reflect, diaper fetish awards 4 extra points if watersports fetish is also active.
    • Bed wetting clothing will often make the player automatically urinate when they rest on furniture.
  • Pregnancy fetish awards 0 points for male players when TG fetish is disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Danaume's character window had the belly drawn over the top of genitals in the rear view window.
  • Fixed a bug where some bras found in containers could glitch and have no cup size if enough points were put in max breast size.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the robots could pull you around even if you were currently having sex with another NPC.
  • Fixed a bug where the clitoris piercing and lead were sharing some properties accidentally.
  • Fixed a bug where the new orifice soreness mechanic meant that your intelligence was too low to regularly steel your mind from fainting. The check is now based on your actual raw intelligence rather than your number after temp modifier calculations.
  • Fixed confusions with the chastity cage where some players felt that it wasn't clear that wearing one wouldn't protect your modesty.
  • Fixed a bug where the slave collar had the description and image of the new steel collar.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron could drag players who were being fucked by another NPC.
  • Fixed a minor bug where examining stockings reported on their knee damage bonus even when they weren't worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn't wield a weapon when in combat, as it was blocked by the "can't wear clothing whilst in combat" rule.

Hotel Stuff

  • Pregnancy scene for patrons, with each different type of patron having a different line. To give birth to a patron's child you must be in the hotel.
  • New NPC, the mechanic, talked about in blog post.
  • New miniboss, the Demon Lord (appears from mechanic interaction with amulet)
    • Even if the mechanic doesn't transform immediately, you can trigger the transformation by taking the mechanic down to 50% HP.
    • He is by default immune to damage, and can only be damaged by:
      • The princess, the priestess, the fertility goddess, the virgin warrior OR
      • Any player attacking with the sword of purity, the ship of domination or the magic wand or the dildo heels OR
      • Any player with the new demon crotch tattoo (inspired by the infernal gem)
    • Currently, you immediately win the game if you defeat him.
  • Some of the matron flavour has been enhanced by a contributor who goes by "Dominique".

Patrons Stuff

  • Made a start on epilogues.
    • Earnings now work differently; you earn money by STAYING in the game, not finishing the game quickly.
    • Your earnings are capped at $1m and are shrunk by 25% for each time you fainted.
    • You will always finish with $0 prize money if you lose, either through fainting four times or having 0 intelligence.
    • Epilogues will only be accessible to top level patrons for now.
  • Several keriax belly images were not properly synced with the cum images, this has been fixed.
  • Keriax Character Window
    • Fake /inflated breasts (breasts with any silicone or air) now look different than normal breasts - more round and balloon like.
    • Lots of minor fixes, all headgear except scrunchie now in-game!
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