Release 7 Version 1.1

Happy New Year everyone.

MEGA link for porn version here.

  • Added Colin to the male names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Added Lesley to the female names upon the request of a $15 patron.
  • Virgin females can no longer become pregnant.
  • Allies cannot damage Xavier.
  • Significantly reduced the damage Barbara deals to NPCs (it was insanely high before)
  • When pregnant with only one potential father, the belly growth messages will remind you who the father is.
  • New epilogue story: Nintendolls Maid.
  • New 1 year later story: Receptionist.
  • Barbara update:
    • She can now go to the hotel.
    • She has a new scene in the hotel, the first time you ever enter the staff room, if there are no NPCs chasing you & no NPCs in the room & she is not busy elsewhere
    • The current ways she can become more slutty are:
      • Every time you faint
      • When she helps you escape from bondage in the dungeon
      • When she helps you fight a monster but before you defeat it, it grounds you and starts having sex with you
      • 1 in 100 chance every turn she is idling beside you bored
  • Fixed a minor bug with the wrestler's speech.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron would get two thirds of the way through changing a diaper then start spanking
  • Fixed a bug where the patrons would actually have sex with the player in the dominatrix's stocks.
  • Fixed a bug where robots could still pull players who were busy getting fucked.
  • Fixed a bug with a stack overflow when the shopkeeper tries to work out how you should pay for something when you have ridiculously large numbers of jewellery items
  • Fixed a bug where the cross trainer didn't show up in the list of items in the room
  • Fixed a bug where the chastity cage could prevent the displacement or unzipping of clothing above it.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could engage with you halfway through a stretching session with the modification machine.
  • Fixed a bug where the modification machine could infinitely loop until the player faints by making sure there is always a minimum nonzero chance for the player to be gaped by an object that is larger than their orifice's resting state.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could still speak when wearing the steel collar.
  • Fixed a bug where other monsters could engage with you when the matron / dominatrix had you hooked up to a contraption.
  • Fixed a bug where wetting your diaper during a feeding or spanking session would magically turn it into halfway through a diaper change session.
  • Fixed another bug that was making the game track all things that had EVER creampied the player when working out babies. You should no longer be cursed with only tentacle spawn / faries / etc. after your first!
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs that had sex with you without taking your virginity caused guaranteed gape increases with each round of sex, if you were still a virgin.
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