Quick Update Post

Hi all

It's been 2 weeks since the latest version and I just wanted to make sure you know I haven't disappeared or anything. There will be another version soon, but this one won't have quite as much new content as the recent ones, but this isn't because I've spent any less time on the game, it's because I've been fixing bugs, refining code, and learning with my favourite, cleverest contributors the wonders of Git. And by that, I mean banging my head against a wall trying to sort out merge conflicts. Woo!

I've also spent some time working with several contributors getting them accustomed to I7 to help them write some tasty stuff for the game, so while the payoff for that might not be immediate, hopefully you will all enjoy the wonders of crowdsourced TQ for years to come.

In the meantime, you might want to head over to the TQ Fan Art page where a new piece has gone up - this one drawn by none other than everyone's favourite HF artist, Sparrow. Looks like the minotaur got lucky today!

Anyway, yeah this is really just to say I am alive and TQ is still moving along, and sorry it's going to be slightly longer than usual for the latest version, but it turns out that QA'ing and testing other people's code takes way longer than doing the same to my own.

Big thanks to MG and Selkie who have also been working super hard to get used to Git and improve parts of the code that desperately needed some love.

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