Release 7 Version 2.3

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  • A heap of new flavour from MG, notably during masturbation and orgasms.
  • The matron and dominatrix are now separate NPCs who are both in the game when you have diaper stuff enabled; there's no extra content for either one yet though. The wrestler defaults to having the dominatrix as her owner.
  • You can now offer items to NPCs - if they're interested in that item, there's a chance (that increases with intelligence) they'll decide to take the item and let you go. Except for special circumstances, the general rule is that most intelligent (speaking) NPCs are interested in jewellery.
    • There's currently very few other items that NPCs will accept, because I haven't coded them yet, but as of right now, notable ones are:
      • The gladiator is interested in the chainmail skirt, the sequins belt, and the focus band.
      • A friendly demoness will give you a solid gold necklace in exchange for the whip of domination.
      • The mechanic accepts mechanical joints, the royal guard accepts sigils and metal discs, the mannequin likes pink hair, and a few other things a bit like that.
  • You can now choose to enter infinite mode when your intelligence hits 0.
  • With automatic stand enabled, you'll now stand up after sticky floor traps in the woods and slippery floor traps in the hotel.
  • Added a load option in the menu that pretty much does the same thing as quick start just a bit quicker.
  • The shop now slowly cycles items, every 30 mins or so three items will disappear and be replaced by three new items.
  • The witch now gives you two free uses of the altar at the start of the game, and provides a container for collecting fluid in.
    • However she also now is unimpressed with urine simply collected from peeing in a vessel, and will only give you 1 altar use regardless of how much of it there is.
  • The sword of purity transforms into a weak dildo sword if it becomes cursed or you lose your virginity.
  • The dildo chairs in the hotel level now heal soreness as well.
  • You now have the option of ignoring the automatic game end upon hitting 0 intelligence.
  • There is now a small chance of finding salves, potions and elixirs in chests and safes.
  • Players who are submitting / begging for mercy have a reduced chance of orgasming, as well as a reduced chance of soreness.
  • You can now wipe semen from your body with gloves even if they are worn (most clothing you have to remove it first, that doesn't make sense for gloves).
  • The upskirt posters will now properly detail what type of underwear you were wearing, rather than just say "a pair of panties" if you were wearing a non-basic item of underwear.
  • Resolved an issue where the player could orgasm several times in a row really quickly - the player will never gain arousal in the same turn that they orgasmed.
  • Fixed a bug where some diaper fetish stuff was leaking into the game with the fetish disabled thanks to the sissy bow.
  • Fixed a bug where all monsters were referred to as "she" when the game described them waking up.
  • Fixed a bug where the backless hobble skirt was preventing the player's asshole from being visible when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could wear cloting over the backless hobble skirt.
  • Fixed a bug where programming errors could occur when a bikini top materialised on the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the number you had to reach to successfully exercise a stat was way higher than it was meant to be.
  • Fixed a bug where some diapers with a waterproof exterior (e.g. waddle diaper) counted as having 0 absorbency.
  • Fixed a bug where orifices were getting stretched really quickly, even by insertions less thick than the current gape size.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could call asleep but still replace plugs.

Patreon Patrons Only Stuff

  • "Pregnant Breeder" One Year Later Epilogue by TheIvoryDisaster
  • "Remote Controlled" Nintendolls Job Epilogue by Selkie
  • "Remote Controlled" One Year Later Epilogue by Selkie
  • Keriax Window has blushing (triggered by humiliation), and some improved lines and a few new items, including pacifiers.
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