Release 7 Version 2.5

EDIT: If you downloaded this version in the first hour it was up, you got a version where humiliation started at 20000. Get the new fixed version!

With a big version comes lots of undiscovered bugs! Thanks for finding the obvious ones for me; hopefully the most annoying things are fixed in this version.

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version & Porn Version


  • Due to reports that it is significantly affecting performance, there's now an option to disable the stat wheels in the Danaume character window.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with orifice selection, one was unique to patrons (the NPCs, not the people who pledge on patreon).
  • Fixed a bug where everyone was told that they had a sex doll 'O' mouth except people that actually did.
  • Fixed a bug where the true love tattoo was inspired by any non-clothing item.
  • Fixed the description of the steel collar.

$20 Patron Only Stuff

  • There's some more content for Phaos' succubus class that got committed just a few minutes after I started publishing yesterday's version. Your humiliation becomes a new way you can lose, but if you defeat the original demoness, it returns to the level you were at before you became the succubus.
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