Happy Holidays

Happy Easter, all those that like chocolate! I am on holiday right now so progress is slow, but I still hope to have you something soon. Whether or not it happens this week or not remains to be seen. My utmost thanks goes out to Phaos and MG who have been bug hunting and replying to people in my absence!

What I'm working on right now is consensual sex. I know, how boring, right? But it's something that does make a lot of sense for the player to want at times - to be able to get sex from friendly NPCs without just making them aggressive by attacking them. It's actually really challenging to implement this in a non-messy way given the current NPC action framework which is already very messy and assumes that sex only happens when the NPC is unfriendly. But I'm doing my best.

There are also lots of questions I have to answer when I'm coding, for example, what happens if an unfriendly NPC comes along while the player is in the middle of carnal acts with a friendly NPC? Does soreness go up, and if so, is it less? Are orgasms achieved in this way 'shameful'? Consensual vaginal sex with the shopkeeper doesn't seem a shameful way to orgasm, but anal sex, especially for males, seems pretty shameful.

And yes, I know I've done it now, the comments are going to be full of arguments about what are the best answers to these questions. But hey, you guys always find something to argue about, so what's new? ;-)

@Patrons: If you increased your pledge amount or made your first ever pledge this month, you're about to get charged again at the start of April. Just in case you didn't realise. If that's really going to negatively impact your finances, then you should probably temporarily cancel your pledge for now! I know you've only had one proper new version this month so far, but don't worry there is one just around the corner!

Love you all, and I'll be back to 'full time' development next week! I'll put in some extra effort in April to make up.


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