Release 7 Version 2.9

There have been new images added to the drawn version, so blorbsmacker image sets from the previous versions will not work properly. Again please be conscious that any image sets you make for either version will regularly break at the moment.

Please give feedback on the experimental vine change. I imagine it will make them much less annoying, but is this too huge of a nerf? Or are they still a big threat?

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Issues:

  • No make-up on Danaume character window any more. That's because they're all having to be redone for the new facial expressions.


  • NPCs who drag the player will now do so in one big long cutscene where the player has no control. Hopefully one long 20 second delay is better for most than several 5 second delays in between requiring you to enter a command.

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Vines only go for you if you're kneeling.

  • You no longer have to present your face for the mannequin to make maximum make up permanent. This can be reversed at the dungeon altar.

  • Xavier (and other NPCs) will no longer follow the player into the final boss room.

  • When you have a contraction, the game now explicitly tells you who the father is, to help you find him.

  • Semen disappears from the underground lake at half the speed. So repeat visits there to clean yourself / clothes are now more likely to cause the tentacle monster scene.

  • Diapers will now always be successfully removed by NPCs in a single turn. However, they are no longer destroyed - unintelligent NPCs will discard them to the ground and intelligent NPCs will replace them afterwards, just like plugs and gags.

  • Fixed a bug where the sex doll would sometimes not deflate & disappear after an oral assault.

  • Fixed a bug where the present command checked for an intelligent monster rather than an interested monster.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs with displacing breast covering clothing.

  • Fixed a bug with the milking bench when the game universe ran out of cans.

  • Fixed a couple of small interface bugs with flight in the woods.

  • Fixed a bug where resting on furniture with broken humiliation could cause the player to automatically stop resting and request sex. Which led to infinite loops if resting securely in a hammock.

  • Fixed a bug where the recorded number of children of the player was being increased by contractions rather than successful pregnancies.

  • Fixed a bug where knee length skirts and dresses were supposed to cover diapers up but weren't.

$5 Patrons stuff:

  • Keriax window hair now goes much much longer.

$20 Patrons stuff:

  • Nothing this time but don't worry you're definitely not being forgotten, there'll be stuff to dig your teeth into very soon.
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