Release 7 Version 3.0

This version has new images but since they were added to the bottom of the source code, it's possible that image sets from 2.9 will still work. I'll leave this to you guys to test.

There are some known bugs that haven't been fixed yet, but if you can't see the bug you care about on the redmine then please do add it.

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version


  • The player will now say various things to the patron(s) they're about to fuck, if the player doesn't fight back but just 'wait's.
  • Milking bench now produces bigger milk cans if you were milked for large amounts.
  • If paddle traps get a direct hit onto your butthole, your ass cheeks will grow.
  • Hip size used to start at 0 for males and 1 for females, and had to get to 3 before you saw any change. Now it starts at 1 for males and 2 for females.
  • Sword in the stone now becomes an obtainable dildo sword when virginity is lost (when still in the stone).
    • By inserting the dildo sword inside yourself, you can give it a temporary damage bonus, but negative effects may also occur.
  • Slightly relaxed the bimbo requirements for sticking large insertables into small orifices.
  • NPCs can't just magically remove diapers through anklecuffs, catsuits, etc, if they are pull-up style.
  • A pair of additions for especially large-breasted cows by phaos.
    • If you can’t wear a bikini anymore it will brand you and also attempt to spawn a pair of nipple rings (unless you already have nipple chains).
    • The gladiator can still give you nipple chains if you get the rings as well.
  • Made changes to the aeromancer to allow for "friendly" sex. By MG.
  • Vines can attack the player when standing if the player has been inflicted with a curse by the witch in the woods. By MG.
  • Fixed a bug where vines didn't attack the player in the vine boss room when standing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tentacle monsters from fathering more tentacle monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where the guard would not end his action after adding cuffs to your diaper.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron did not consider a ripped diaper in need of a change.
  • Several other smaller bugfixes
  • Typo fixes by Selkie! Thanks Selkie!

Current $20 donators:

  • New 'cumwalk' one year later epilogue with 4 variations. Triggered by high semen addiction and humiliation. You also can't be airheaded.
  • New rare NPC, mindflayer, has a low chance of appearing in your region, if you have higher than 8 intelligence. The chance increases as intelligence increases. Created by phaos.
  • New debug commands:
    • curse [clothing]
    • bless [clothing]
    • imbue [clothing] (increases magic modifier)
    • dispel [clothing] (decreases magic modifier)
    • fuck my shit up (gives player all appropriate tattoos)
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