Release 7 Version 3.3

What! A new version already? Wow Aika you are so dedicated we love you! ;-)

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version


  • There is now a max belly size option which allows you to spend up to three points significantly reducing the max size of your belly. The max size of belly can therefore be limited to 10/7/4/1 with 0/1/2/3 points spent. These limits will be ignored whilst the player is pregnant.
  • The mechanic can now take the amulet even if it's just in your inventory, not being worn.
  • The sword of purity now only makes you a "craving cunt" if it has not yet turned into a dildo sword and it's in the same location as you.
  • Sex dolls count as taking the player's virginity again.
  • You can now go up stairs on your knees.
  • The inhuman pregnancy option now gives +1 point.
  • When weight is gained, it's now random where you put it on, rather than uniform across all body parts.
  • Pink hair from fairies can be used to inspire the pink hair is best tattoo.
  • Incontinence related items can be used to inspire the bed wetter tattoo.
  • Significantly reduced the chances of the matron giving the player a waddle diaper, and added a few interactions with the player masturbating in front of her.
    • Wrote up the wiki page on the matron so now you can all stop asking me questions about her!
    • I've also added something rather unmentionable to diapers, walled behind an extra question after selecting diapers, in the hope that this stops the constant messages I get asking for it. Although I fear it may just increase the requests within this domain. Again, read the matron wiki page for full details.
  • Fixed an issue where the blue scrunchies didn't have a role in the new crafting system. Successfully crafting whilst wearing a scrunchie causes the scrunchie(s) to attempt to summon more of the schoolgirl outfit. Wearing both blue scrunchies and being the schoolgirl gives you a small chance for crafted items to be blessed.
  • Fixed a bug where the aeromancer could drop a focus band.
  • Fixed a bug where recipes reset upon fainting (and caused an error).
  • Fixed a bug with endings where you still earned prize money even if you lost through fainting.
  • Fixed a bug where all stockings had the name "striped stockings".
  • Fixed a bug where cans no longer automatically identified drinks.
  • Fixed a bug where the mechanic was no longer stealing the amulet from off your neck.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes mention an item of clothing you weren't wearing during titfucks.
  • Fixed an issue where the repair command said that you were cutting up the wrong item of clothing.
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