Release 7 Version 3.5

I'm running late so I'm going to make this quick!

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version


  • There's a stage you can interact with in the Brothel room. There's a small scene where you imagine yourself being sold as a slave. Then, unless you've got on the stage recently or you are the princess or royal slave or you've killed all the guards, you will have a 2/3 chance of finding a solid gold bracelet, but a 1/3 chance of the imagination becoming real, and you getting encased in bondage and sold to a royal guard. Also, if the bracelet has already appeared then you'll always get fun times with the guard. If sex addiction is quite high, there's a chance for the player to automatically climb up onto the stage. As with most interactables, there is a time delay before you can try agian.
  • There will usually be a gloryhole in either a dungeon room or a hotel room. It'll usually be a hallway. Using the gloryhole while standing is usually a nice alternative to masturbation which also lowers sex addiction. But there's a chance of other less good things happening. Also you can use it whilst on your knees, to serve a cock.
    • Sometimes with high semen addiction the player will opt to use it on their knees even when you gave the action whilst they were standing.
  • There is now a 33% chance of failure when drinking from a vessel whilst wearing a gag.
  • A wild variant of the Wooden Horse can now appear in the woods (created by MG)
    • It's as rare as the original, but this one will throw you off if you ride it for too long.
    • Pull its bit to take control before that happens.
  • Players with artificial enhancements fetish enabled can recieve collagen injections from the Robobutler, which increase lip size. Isn't he helpful? (done by MG)
    • Larger lips will contribute to bimbo and influence some mouth-related actions.
    • For example, blowjobs and drinking whilst wearing gags.
  • The woods altar no longer blesses nearby items on the ground.
  • The alchemist's table is now visible as an item in the room which helps you to see whether it's recharged or not yet.
  • The game (especially the drawn version) has a few more pictures by Dyn Lynn.
  • Reverted a "fix" where the player ends up with $0 if they lose by fainting four times. Having fainted four times is punishment enough since it means you'll have lost your 4 best items of jewellery.
  • Fixed an infinite loop bug with pulling the dildo sword.
  • Fixed a bug where orgasms caused the game to say "you would have ejaculated, but you no longer have a penis" even when the player was female.
  • Fixed a bug where examining plugs causes a game crash.
  • Fixed a big bug where the game was only allowing watersports scenes if the player was unable to drink (i.e. living sex doll) rather than able to drink.
  • Fixed a bug where the modification machine ignored items already penetrating the player's orifices.
  • Fixed a bug where the mechanic would sometimes give out spraybottles to non-maids after sex.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting products were becoming cursed when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a bug where using the maximum belly size option could cause the game to freeze when you request a drink from a fairy.
  • Fixed a bug where stools and the milking bench could be placed in rooms that were not included in the randomly constructed Dungeon.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the game was sometimes considering hair both blonde and pink.

$5 Patreon pledgers:

  • Keriax character window updates:
    • 'Rear view mirror' gives you a view of the player's butt in a mirror; it currently shows asshole openness but doesn't yet have vagina.
    • Humiliation blush has 7 different levels rather than just 3
    • Living Sex Doll variants for face and arms
    • Sissy Bow
    • Fixed issues with wrong coloured sprinklers and headgear being slightly misplaced on certain hair values.
  • MG added a friendly sex interaction with the demoness.
    • If you ask her for a drink, she'll offer you a deal for "more" out of it.
    • If you're willing to let her increase your addictions to sex and semens, and give her(or a tentacle she summons, depending on fetishes enabled) a blowjob, she rewards you with one of the following:
      • Increased penis size
      • Reduced Orifice openness
      • High quality jewelery
      • Nothing, If you decide you don't want to see things through to the end.

$20 Patreon pledgers:

  • Can use debug command "conjure" to summon a random spawnable NPC from that level as if triggering a spawning trap.
  • Can use debug command "freeze hair" to prevent hair colour or length from changing. Use it again to unfreeze hair.
  • "Vengeful Author" epilogue by MG can happen if you faint 4 times, have low bimbo, low humiliation and high intelligence.
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