Release 7 Version 4.1

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version & Porn Version

Please note that these are just mirrors for people who can't download the game from the link in the sidebar.


  • There's now a squeezy bottle in the hotel kitchen which is a water vessel with infinite doses. However 1 in 3 times you drink from it, it'll increase delicateness.
  • Disabling map reset now leaves the entire map unchanged including NPCs.
  • Changed the cursed diaper toilet rule to a selectable option.
  • Fixed a bug with the potty throne if you were not wearing a diaper.
  • Fixed a bug where all clothing was considered nipple covering unless it was a displaced top.
  • Fixed a bug where a few items (tiara, fake nails, wristcuffs) could cause a random other item to become cursed when summoned.
  • Fixed a bug where the gloryhole would only allow you to use it when kneeling if your face was occupied, rather than wasn't.

$5 pledgers:

  • Fixed the friendly sex interaction with the wrestler. Seems like a bit of an overpowered way to farm jewellery right now I think, might need some balancing! Blame MG.

Top pledgers:

  • Fixed a bug where the mindflayer was still spawning for players who started with high intelligence.
  • Fixed a bug where a couple of tattoos that did something as they appeared, weren't triggering their effects when worn during debug mode.
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