Verb Suggestions and Poll Feedback

Hi all!

The main thing I'd like you to think about is if you have any verbs or phrases you've tried in TQ and were surprised weren't understood. If you can think of any that really should be understood, please let me know through this form:

Next, let's have a quick discussion about the recent poll and how it will affect my decisions. Firstly, please bear in mind that I already have my own opinions on balance and a player poll is jsut to see how well my view aligns with the general populus. Secondly, if 50% of people say they're happy with something, that's not good enough in my books! I'm not going to draw the conclusion that it doesn't need changing in some way. So without further adieu, let's look at the poll results:

  • 22% of voters want to see the Sissy class get more functionality, which I guess just reflects the demogrpahic of the people who play the game. I'm happy to flesh this out a bit, but I won't be spending huge amounts of time doing a giant overhaul or anything.
  • The next most in need of improvement are, in order, Cowgirl, Adult Baby, Fertility Goddess, Catgirl and Latex Fetish Model. In general I was interested to see that there's a decent portion of the player base who's invested in a wide range of classes, which is great. I'll be looking at each of these to see what can be done to improve player experience.
  • There's mixed feelings about thirst, only around 50% of people are happy with it in its current stat (as of 3.5) and so as you can see with recent changes I'm looking at ways to increase that number. Most of the custom feedback said that they felt there were issues both with it being absent at the start of the game, and too punishing towards the end. I think in general, people dislike fainting because it resets too much, which is why I've also been trying to solve that issue.
  • A significant number of people (around 15%) would prefer that the thirst mechanic was just completely done away with. This isn't going to happen for the same reason that I've a lot of other requests to make certain functionality optional; this is a roguelike, not a sandbox game. There are hundreds of sandbox games out there that have much better writing than TQ.
  • The sex addiction results displayed what I expected; people have mixed experiences of the mechanic but a lot feel that it's imbalanced. This is probably due to the different fetish options drastically changing the likelihood of certain events occuring. The thing I'm trying to initially address is that there's no reliable way to reduce sex addiction - this can be seen in the new delicateness mechanic; by introducing this mechanic we can distinguish between enjoyable sex and painful sex. Only enjoyable sex should increase sex addiction and sexual submissiveness. Painful sex should reduce sex addiction. The follow-on issue though is that we need a good way to reduce delicateness. I'm thinking that maybe victories in combat should maybe do this rather than increase strength.
  • With regards to the whole racial issue, the responses were illuminating and evidenced a requirement for any future sort of stuff to be walled behind an option. I'm reluctant to move forward with this as a priority though because I never intended to have any in-game mechanics be influenced by such attributes, I am just aware that a number of people would enjoy it if it the racial differences were highlighted a bit more, whilst it would make others feel uncomfortable. So if I do ever work on this I'll make sure to wall it off.
  • 28% of you want to see lip changes outside of the artificial enhancements fetish. This is a reasonable number so this will be something I get to eventually. Or maybe I'll let MG take the lead, since it was him that implemented this in the first place.
  • I've put my discussions and the future of the diaper fetish in a different page (click here) since i'm becoming acutely aware that some people don't like reading about it.

Finally, some observations from the silly questions:

This was spooky:

I will come for you in the night

  • 30% of players hate black people (and like pineapple on pizza)
  • 50% of players don't realise how big beachballs are
  • 51% of players would gamble on the universe. Someone pointed out that both options would end all suffering so it's win/win. I expect to see that person on the news after their attempt later in life to be a supervillain
  • 80% of people would be excited not horrified to have their lives turned upside down by the inevitable drastic changes to their body and libido that a real-life trap quest would cause. I don't know if this just represent's people's genuine desire to be a sexy bimbo, people's disgust for their current lifes, or just their inability to take their hand off their dick for long enough to think about the actual consequences of such an eventuality.
  • Nearly 14% of players have PTSD from a traumatic event involving pineapples and black people.

And finally, here are some of my favourites from custom answers given to the religion question:

  • aika is god, god is dead, aika is dead? :(
  • Aika is God's perfect little bimbo, and so are we.
  • Aika is Goddess
  • Aika would be God if the next question didn't call me racist for food preference
  • All praise Lord Gaben
  • Anal Sex is my god
  • Black People
  • Bondage Rubber Nuns
  • Clearly the Matriarchy (this was from a Trump supporter, obviously ;-) )
  • Cock
  • God is all powerful, thus would make all religions equally true at the same time. (wtf?!)
  • haruhi suzumiya
  • link to a two and a half page document about a Nature Goddess that includes the line "So she leaves, traveling the world, naked and wild, fighting, eating, running, fucking just about every animal she reasonably can just because she feels like it."
  • i am the patriarchy btw im marrying my black sex slave and like pineapple on my pizza ty for your work
  • I dedicate this battle to Odin.
  • I only worship Bondage & Latex
  • jessica alba 2002 version
  • Kneel before Zod!
  • My mistress is my goddess. (The correct answer)
  • My penis deserves its own religion.
  • My tabletop character became God.
  • Peter Dinklage
  • Pizza
  • Pregnant Women
  • RNGesus, mey he forever guide my Shells to target.
  • Shopkeeper/BBC is god
  • Spiritual concepts described by humanly understandable terms are probably incorrect but I can't deny the vast majesty of reality. For all the hurt, rage and despair that we focus on; The world is full of wonders and excitement. This wonderful balance between interactive game and fantastical smut are a shining example of such great things ^.^
  • Waifu is Laifu
  • You make me Sikh!
  • you tricked me with the pineapple question and now I can't unselect Amen
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