Trap Quest Release 7 Version 5.0

The vast majority of the reason this release took so long to get out of the door is the usability stuff. Turns out, it takes a fucking age to code a text shortcut for almost every single interactable item in the game. I'm sorry there's not any massive new stuff for the sissy or cowgirl yet, but we are working on some stuff so please be patient.

The biggest other news is that there's now even more character windows under development. The next one (in alpha for now) is made by Wonderfuller. At the bottom of the changelist, there's a link to see what it looks like.

Also, thank you so much to Gurgles and Alice, who did the work on the make up for the different faces in Danaume's character window. Gurgles has some more stuff in the works, so we should see some more stuff happening to that window before it's deemed complete.

There are lots of tweaks to numbers in this version. I'm trying my best to make all the different stats meaningful, and impactful, but also avoidable. It's not easy. Feedback on your experiences with the various bimbo stats this patch will is welcomed, but also please let me know what are the fetish options you have enabled, since I want to understand what impact these choices are having on player experience.

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  • Makeup levels for all facial expressions in the Danaume character window by Gurgles and Alice.
  • There are now 2 character shortcuts for nearly all nouns. These are shown by default but you can hide them in the settings. They'll still work. There are also lots of extra two character shortcuts that won't work.
  • There are also lots of new shorthand for verbs, including:
    • t/ta = take
    • op = open (NB I cannot set "o" as the game already uses it to mean some kind of correction verb.)
    • sl = slap
    • kn = knee
    • ki = kick
    • j = jump
    • we = wear
    • re = remember / rest / remove / resist depending on noun (or lack of)
  • Lots of verbs will now intelligently try to choose a noun for you if it's obvious, including:
    • slap/knee/kick
    • drink
    • take (this one is not perfect)
    • wear
  • Based on feedback from recent poll, the following verbs now work:
    • Poke (doesn't do much, but can wake up sleeping NPCs peacefully. Of course, 99% of the time if an NPC is asleep, that means they just fucked you and so are already unfriendly.)
      • Trying to greet an NPC that can't be greeted because you can't speak or it can't speak causes you to poke it instead.
    • The verb "use" now understands a lot more potential applications, including furniture, salves and toilets.
  • The player's minimum hair colour can now be fully customised on the bonus screen. Each change costs 2 because each of these new natural hair colours is treated as black from the game's perspective - the stat penalties and bimbo influences of that colour are counterbalanced.
  • Most settings menus have been broken into sub-tables to increase usability for those playing with low resolution monitors.
  • There is a new hunger mechanic, that is only enabled when relevant (weight gain fetish or under certain diaper fetish conditions).
    • You become hungry immediately when the amount of food in your stomach hits 0. Each thing you eat increases stomach food by 1, except a few things e.g. feeding bowls in the kitchen and the matron which increase stomach food by several units.
    • When hungry, your strength will very slowly decrease, but can't go lower than its starting value.
    • Cursed gags will let you eat around them, but only when you're hungry.
    • When hunger mechanics are active, there are a few more food items that can be found: apples, bananas, lemons and crisps. Most have very minor effects but lemons decrease delicateness and increase semen addiction.
    • A few NPCs can be asked for food successfully: currently the royal guard, mechanic and fairy.
  • The Robochef can now cook food if you give him some edible ingredients to work with.
    • When he's decided to fuck you/use you as an assistant, whichever comes first, offer an ingredient for him work with instead.
    • Like candy, his food reduces fatigue and heals body soreness, and it makes you fat. It constitutes a larger meal than just a single piece of candy.
    • If you give him a really good combination, you'll get a really high quality dish, which will make you feel good about yourself.
    • On the other hand, a bad combination will make a dish that makes you feel cheap and trashy.
    • Some combinations are so bad that the chef will actually give up and decide to make soup instead.
      • i.e. he's going to fuck you.
    • Note: The RoboChef is employed by the hotel, so any dish worth eating is for the patrons! Be careful about stealing from the Dining Room!
  • There's a new powerful clothing enhancement called "protection". This enhancement allows the clothing to block some attacks.
    • By default, protection clothing will block 50% of attacks aimed at whatever body part(s) they cover. This goes up and down with magic modifier.
    • The following clothing have a chance of having the enchantment: swimsuits, crap skirts (see through or super short), crap underwear (see through or crotchless), cupless bras, fishnet tops, clubbing dresses.
  • Succubus class moved from beta to public release, and so is now available to everyone. Lose to a demoness under specific circumstances (the player has chosen to care about their virginity or is the priestess) to have her steal your soul, and then the gladiator and mechanic/demon can complete the transformation.
  • Some clothing (mainly white clothing) can become see-through when wet.
  • The game now tracks water soak as well as the bodily fluids. Water increases the weight of the item. Unlike the bodily fluids, water slowly dries off, except in diapers, which remain at maximum water soak forever.
  • The bunk beds in the dungeon can now be rested on, but the guards now patrol these rooms and get angry if they catch you in them.
  • There are some new map tiles for some key rooms that didn't have their own tile.
  • Pink smoke traps can now be found in the hotel.
  • Victories in combat can decrease delicateness. The chance increases the higher that delicateness is and the tougher the enemy was.
  • The chance of needle traps raising delicateness decreases as delicateness increases. At 9/20 delicateness, the chance is 0%.
  • Arousal increases faster, and decreases slower. Sex with NPCs is more stimulating, and friendly sex (still restricted to beta testers for now) even more stimulating than that.
  • Delicateness changes:
    • If delicateness is significantly higher than submissive sex addiction, then ANY orgasm, even a dominant one, will increase sex addiction.
    • While delicateness is lower than 8/20, slaps have a chance of being punches instead, which increase the size of your damage dice by 1.
    • At minimum delicateness (i.e. right at the start of the game), the player will refuse to search for traps.
    • If delicateness is lower than 4 (and the player is not a wanton fuckslut), the player will refuse to voluntarily kneel while in combat.
    • Delicateness cannot be lower than 8 if a male player is ashamed about their virginity.
  • The cowgirl will slowly gain arousal whenever she's in the dungeon with the minotaur
  • Fixed a bug where the new blowjob portal scene wasn't resetting arousal.
  • Fixed a bug where cans weren't actually disappearing after being emptied into a container.
  • Fixed a bug the player was always successful at drinking from cans, even if gagged or big-lipped.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to voluntarily wear more than one pink scrunchie
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for an NPC to be holding your clit lead from a different room (usually because of teleportation)
  • Fixed some more bugs where the salve of restriction on breasts could cause infinite loops.
  • Fixed an issue where using "insert [jewellery] into minibar" wasn't understood as resetting the minibar.
  • Fixed issues with salves and whip of domination having pretty much no negative for being cursed (via an incorrect crafting ingredient)
  • Fixed an issue where items soaked only by urine said they were soaked by "urinenothing".
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not lose their virginity from fucking the aeromancer.

$5 donators:

  • Keriax window hair now has more different images at the shorter lengths and is now more accurate with regards to colour. This is nearing version 1.0 and so is soon going to be available to the general public.
  • Mindflayer moved from alpha to beta testing, and so is now available to you guys.
  • New "human toilet" class can begin spawning (with a latex hood) by opting to drink when urinated on.
    • The class can gain permanent intelligence and dexterity from watersports scenes.
    • There is a crotchless catsuit (required for the class) which causes the player to be orally fixated (NPCs will almost always choose to use your mouth)
    • There is a pair of heels (optional) which starts off stumbling, but changes to kicking after being "charged" by watersports scenes, but can change back to stumbling if too much kicking is done without participating in any further scenes.
    • There is a pair of plug panties (optional) that absorbs the player's own urine, arousing the player and even causing orgasms when the player urinates in them. Drinking urine fully heals orifices.

$20 patreon pledgers:

  • There's a new drawn character window in development, by Wonderfuller. Here's a screen-shot spoiler:
  • I've begun working on the diaper stuff discussed in the last blog post, but it's very incomplete so don't bother reporting bugs yet.
  • The debug command "susan wayland" causes you to immediately get maximum heel skill, unless you already have it, in which case it reduces it to 0.
  • The debug command "cow time" injects 8 units of milk into your breasts.
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