Progress Update

Hi guys, one of the things I'm going to attempt to do more often is keep you up-to-date in between versions, especially when there's a decent time gap between them. At the moment I'm in the middle of a few huge reworks which is the main reason it's taking so long. I want to explain those things and also I want to just keep you informed on what to expect in the next version.

Firstly, because I know if I don't say this I'll get asked about twenty times, I'm not sure when the next version will be. I would be very surprised if I finished everything I want to this weekend, but hopefully it will be around a week from now. It might end up being longer though, some of these rework projects do take longer than expected.

So, the first thing I am reworking is displacement. This is mainly internal improvements that will just make future development much more straightforward and reduce the chances of bugs, but also it implements the ability to hike skirts. Unfortunately, because our current TODO list sometimes doesn't have names next to planned features, MG also was working on this at the same time. However all is not lost as his implementation was less of a rework and more of just the addition of skirt hiking, and adds some stuff that mine doesn't, like the ability to hike even short skirts, and hopefully merging the two shouldn't be too painful. But it will slow things down a little.

The biggest thing I am working on is transformation. Inspired by the suggestions from people in my previous post, I have implemented a new framework that allows clothing to choose an item that it should "upgrade" into, in order to become slightly more slutty. Some items can resist transformation a few times before finally changing, some items always transform immediately, and some never transform (this tends to be class items and super slutty stuff). The bit that is taking ages, and I am only about 20% complete on, is giving each clothing item in the game an algorithm to choose what item to turn into, taking into account fetishes, other worn clothing, and other complications. This is going even slower because I'm using this opportunity to add quite a few more items into the game, in order to give transformation a bit more of an exciting feel when it's first enjoyed by you guys, as it won't only be stuff you've seen before.

Clothing always stays within its type (skirts can only turn into skirts, underwear can only turn into underwear), and usually stays within its domain (swimwear will turn into sluttier swimwear rather than, for example, a clubbing dress).

The Magic Dust trap has been reworked so that if it gets on your clothes rather than your face, it will attempt to transform it. There will also be new traps that will transform clothing. So far I've just implemented a basic laser ray trap, that transforms a top level piece of clothing you're wearing unless you dodge it with a dexterity check.

I intend for the "unlucky" option to continue to be the option that means "force clothing on me all the time" and so this option will have more transformation traps and more ways for existing worn clothing to be destroyed. Essentially choose this option if being forced by the game to wear slutty clothing is more important to you than getting to choose what you wear.

I'm also doing lots of further work to improve the hyperlinks usability including further minimising disambiguation being required. Essentially, lots more items now have completely unique shortcuts so for example you'll never be asked "which maid outfit do you mean"?

Now let me update you on what the various artists are up to. Danaume is still working away, albeit slowly because of her wrist. She is trying to create a mannequin viewer - this would go adjacent to the character window (probably underneath) and would display the clothing you're wearing. So you'll have one window that shows your size, and one that shows your clothing. Putting them both in the same window was decided to be way way way too complicated. This project will take quite some time to complete but I think lots of you will be pleased to hear that it's underway.

Gurgles is still working on enhancing the Danaume window; the next version will have cum layers for the player's thighs and he's working on other cum layers (tits and belly) next I believe.

Next we have the Keriax window; Keriax is still working away diligently and there will be some new stuff from him in the next version; the main thing is a reworked face system to allow for lips to change separately from make up.

Wonderfuller is also working still, but I'm not actually sure what he has planned next. I guess we'll find out together :)

Someone on Reddit put together some images for me to add to the porn version for male characters. This will happen eventually when I feel like we have enough variety of images to make it feel right; if you have any favourite images of non-hairy men's or shemale's butts from behind, where you can see the butthole, please send them to me or post them on the reddit thread.

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