Apologies for the Delays

I wanted to get a new version up today before I went to sleep, since it's now the start of a new month and I wanted something nice to say thank you to this month's supporters for, but unfortunately the version is not at all stable yet. The actual features I wanted to implement are there, but unfortunately several things are causing the game to completely crash (stack overflow) and I'm having to playtest and then bug stomp and then playtest and then bug stomp. The issue stems from the fact that the question of whether an NPC is unfriendly is now a function rather than a variable. This function checks about 10 other (very quick) functions, which is fine normally, but when in the code I ask the game to check for something like "if there is an unfriendly interested monster", it goes and does the unfriendly checks for every single NPC, on-stage or off-stage, and can't hold enough functions in its memory at the same time, and falls over and dies. Similarly every time I ask something like "choose a random unfriendly monster", the same problem occurs. So it's annoying but I'm having to go through and reword all of these instances, and then also substantial playtesting to find the ones I've missed.

Long story short, the next version won't be out before the end of this weekend. But I can't imagine it'll be too much later than that. Sorry!

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