Trap Quest Release 8 Version 3.0

EDIT: There is now a hotfix version here

Woooooo it's finally here!

Please note: This has only been tested by me so far and so may still have critical bugs. That's what it's your job to find and report :)

Before we get to the details of the new version, I thought I should mention the latest news. Danaume has been undergoing some treatment that has allowed her to still do a bit of art, although not as much as before. But things seem to be going well. So expect to see a few things drawn by her popping up from time to time.

I've also got Jizelle, a sissy artist, to rustle up a couple of pictures of the more famous original traps from the first ever version of TQ. The first one is on the TQ Art page now.

So in this version we've had a big friendliness rework. The framework is in place, and working, but there's a lot of NPCs in the game and most of them haven't received much love yet. I have plans to do things to many NPCs including the matron and the wrestler to make them a bit more interesting.

Download links: Please download hotfix instead

Known Bugs:

  • Some people are still experiencing hyperlinks going wrong after saving and restoring.


  • Friendly sex is no longer a beta feature and so is now in the public version of the game.
  • Keriax window is no longer a beta feature and so is now in the public version of the game.
    • Lips now change independent of other make up, as in the game.
    • Semen and body layers combined to reduce rendering time.
  • The new friendliness framework is in place. See this post for most of the details.
    • For most NPCs, the main way to make them friendly is to give them stuff they like. All NPCs like jewellery. But remember unintelligent NPCs will not be friendly except in very unique circumstances (e.g. broodmother).
    • The shopkeeper now has an unfriendly side. He enjoys sex.
    • The aeromancer now has a friendly side. She enjoys performing scientific experiments on magic spells, with you as the subject. If it's stupid and doesn't make sense than neither does everyone's favourite Harry Potter fanfiction.
      • The more times she does experiments on you, the more spells she 'unlocks' which she might try on you in the future. There are currently five in total, and one varies depending on what panties you're wearing, if any.
    • The gladiator, wench, fairy and shopkeeper can all fight on your side if they really really like you.
  • Reworked soreness and orgasms again. Orgasms should now be more possible at low sex addiction. Furthermore, I've done a 180 and decided that it is now resisting sex that slightly reduces the chance of orgasm, not submitting.
  • You can no longer eat healing food whilst in combat, but it's now a bit more powerful. Use it to heal up afterwards.
    • Significantly improved the damage of the shopkeeper and giant wasp, who were taking way too long to defeat you.
  • I've begun to add interracial fetish for those that have been asking for it. It's selectable and gives you 0 points because it's pretty barebones right now.
    • Dark skinned NPCs with a penis (shopkeeper, sometimes the gladiator) are better at arousing you and triggering orgasms through sex.
    • The shopkeeper has a lower appearance tolerance level before he decides you're in need of fucking rather than serving.
    • If you are wearing an item of clothing or tattoo that references interracial acts (cursed earrings, Gang Bang Girl T-Shirt, and a couple of tattoos), then all other NPCs are less likely to make you orgasm, and when noticed by a dark skinned NPC with a penis you have a chance of dropping to your knees and presenting yourself which increases with bimbo.
    • There will be more darkskinned NPCs in the near future.
  • Princesses who come back and have sex with a monster multiple times will recieve a magic scepter to help them build up a connection with their new boyfriend/girlfriend/seething minotaur.
    • The scepter is more powerful the more you have sex with your chosen 'partner,' and weakened every time you have sex with someone else.
    • The scepter does not distinguish between princesses who cheat and princesses who get passed around after their partner leaves.
    • Unfaithful princesses will also have to deal with a couple other things, so do your best not to give it up for just anyone!
    • The connection is permanent once the scepter shows up, so there's no way of getting out of your choice unless one of you dies/gets a game over.
  • Gurgles has added semen layes for thighs in the Danaume character window. They'll only appear if bukkake fetish is enabled.
  • Expanded default titfuck (i.e. expanded titfuck for the guard and the mechanic)
  • The witch now accepts well used diapers as an alternative form of payment.
  • You can now use water-soaked clothing to clean up semen.
  • Wet clothing dries twice as fast.
  • The gloryhole resets its cooldown three times as fast.
  • Reduced the number of bukkake traps in the dungeon from 5 to 2.
  • Added the words on underwear to the printed names of the items.
  • Updated vaginal and anal penetration for friendly sex.
  • Halved the amount that inventory affects fatigue.
  • There's now some unique sex scenes between the player and the shopkeeper if the player is a sex doll, written by Selkie (and completely recoded by Aika :P)
  • Fixed a bug where there was a location in the woods that was held in temporal statis, freezing any NPC that entered the space and not properly appearing on the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch would tell you that you have 1 altar use left when you had 0.
  • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances displacing breast covering clothing was not delaying NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug where people who had picked a certain option in the diaper options were blocked from the fetish altogether.
  • Fixed a bug where crop tops were missing a transformation sequence they were supposed to have.
  • Fixed a bug where the sequins belt was allegedly a knee-length skirt.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur could only fuck your ass
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur would ejaculate continuously if you got him horny enough(Sorry maids!)
  • Fixed a bug where the wild horse trap would run out its timer but not let you off
  • Fixed a bug in the maid outfit transformation chain.
  • Fixed a bug where the chastity belt wasn't actually protecting a female player's vagina (bug was introduced by the new displacement code)
  • Fixed a bug where the hotel chairs could be permanently plugging you if you get interrupted mid session.
  • Fixed a bug where the demon horns and soulstone were not removable even when you returned your soul.
  • Fixed a bug where some exercise tracking variables weren't resetting properly after you lost some weight.
  • (Mostly) fixed a long standing bug with the feeding bowls where the player would try and pick them up. It still tries to pick them up (this was inbuilt into I6 and I can't do anything about it annoyingly) but then the feeding bowls remain on the ground.
  • Fixed another long standing bug where the player automatically eating candy when finding some in containers and hungry wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed various typos and created more in the process.

$5 donators

  • Wonderfuller window is now at the point where it can move into beta testers' use.
    • The window now has much larger breasts and bellies at the top sizes, and also floating sizes.
    • There's now silver hair, and there's also improved art for the red hair.

$20 pledgers (with the new September unlock file only)

  • New experimental option (enabled by default) gets rid of fainting from soreness during sex. Instead, being stimulated at max soreness increases delicateness (and decreases sex addiction but only if sex addiction is higher than delicateness).
  • New character window (very very early in development) by DynLynn. This is more of a cheeky preview really. Expect it to be a lot nicer soon.
  • New debug command "again again" resets cooldowns of all interactable objects: throne, modification machine, altar, alchemist's table, stage, cross trainer, gloryhole, laundry robots.
  • New debug command "this isn't even my final form" heals all soreness and fatigue and health instantly.
    • Or if you're boring, the game understands "heal" too.
  • New debug command "toilet time" makes you need to use the loo.
  • New debug command "me so horny" increases horniness by a lot.
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